Three Things You Need to Know When Selecting Pumping Solutions Certified for Drinking Water Applications

10/27/2023 | Products

By Bret Tregarthen, Territory Manager

Most of the USA and Canada require components for municipal water treatment and distribution to be certified to NSF/ANSI 61 standards for drinking water applications. As we expand Franklin Electric’s portfolio with tried-and-true lineshaft turbines or the cutting-edge technology of our MagForce High Efficiency Motors, my customers often ask me if they are “NSF Certified.” The many terms like “certified, “classified, or “compliant” can be confusing — so, how do you know which is legitimate? Partnering with our Global Certifications team, I took a DEEP dive into this topic, and here are the three things you need to know to determine if a product is certified to the standards of NSF/ANSI 61:




Several Independent Certifying Bodies Can Validate Product Requirements

First, know that there are several independent certifying bodies with accreditation to (thoroughly) test and certify product requirements, such as NSF/ANSI/CAN 61 standards — including NSF itself and UL Solutions (formally Underwriters Laboratories). Through them, as fabricants, we can ensure the products and components have been tested and validated to meet these requirements by the most respected certification organizations globally.


Beyond the Product, The Manufacturing Facility is Also Certified to Meet Standards

Consider that both finished products and critical components must be assembled in a compliant manufacturing plant. The plants are also regularly inspected and validated for adherence to processes and requirements ensuring the fabricated products and their critical components can be certified to meet NSF/ANSI-61 standards.


How to Know if Your Product Meets These Requirements

Specifically for drinking water applications, for example, look for an ANSI-accredited certifier’s mark on the product or shipment. You can always visit the certifying body’s public listing and browse for the product and the manufacturing plant. Here’s an example of UL Solutions’ public listings of Franklin Electric’s products and plants classified to NSF/ANSI/CAN 61 standards for drinking water applications, including FVT Series Lineshaft Turbines and our Olive Branch, MS facility: Drinking Water System Components Certified for Canada.

Delivering certified products is one more way we help you expand your array of quality, reliable pumping solutions configured and built to meet the safety requirements of your most demanding water projects.


Bret Tregarthen is Franklin Electric’s Territory Manager for Western Canada. 

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