Powered & Protected: New Deluxe Control Boxes for 1 & 1.5 HP Motors

05/16/2020 | Products, Update

The power and protection you trust from our standard control boxes is now available in a new deluxe design, 3-wire, single-phase control box rated for 1.0 and 1.5 horsepower (HP) motors. See the table below for order information.


Literature Updates
We have also updated our Submersible Motors and Controls Catalog (M1748) and Submersible Motor Control Box Brochure (M1330). These updates include the following additions and can be downloaded below.

  • New ratings and enhanced 3-wire, single-phase deluxe design for control boxes
  • Specialty low-voltage motors used in the SubDrive SolarPAK and Fhoton SolarPAK products are now listed.

Low-voltage motors can be found on page 6 and the deluxe control boxes can be found on page 27 of the Submersible Motors and Controls Catalog (M1748).

Submersible Motors and Controls Catalog (M1748)

Sumbersible Motors Control Box Brochure (M1330)

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