Franklin Electric SubDrive QuickPAKs Now Deliver Options for High Efficiency

12/11/2023 | Products, Update

Discover How the Latest SubDrive QuickPAK Options Help You Upgrade Jobs to High Efficiency

Franklin Electric has added new high efficiency SubDrive QuickPAK solutions to its lineup, giving professional installers an industry-leading, reliable constant water pressure solution that’s ideal for jobs up to five horsepower. They work across a variety of systems, including residential, irrigation or geothermal.

Powered by a 4-inch MagForce High Efficiency Motor, the new SubDrive QuickPAKs deliver unparalleled performance and increased efficiency combined with the trusted reliability and seamless operation of the legendary Franklin Electric 4-inch, three-phase submersible motor.


Upgrade to Groundbreaking Performance & Reliability:

  • Unlock Up to 17% More Efficiency*: The 4-inch submersible motor that professionals have trusted for decades now leverages the latest technology to deliver the most power per volume in the industry. (*than the comparable three-phase induction motor)
  • Get Peak Performance While Using the Least Amount of Energy: Powered by MagForce High Efficiency Motors, these packages achieve the same horsepower rating while performing with the least amount of electricity at any given operational point.
  • Easy Selection Meets Optimized Operation: Like all SubDrive QuickPAKs, the packages have been designed for ultimate operational compatibility. The predetermined motor, pump and drive combinations match flow and total dynamic head requirements, ranging from 7 to 90 GPM.

Unlock Benefits on the Job Site:

  • Smaller, Lighter & More Powerful Design: Through increased power density, the total assembly is more compact, aiding professionals with ease of transport and installation. In fact, a 5-horsepower motor is 7” shorter and 18 lbs. lighter than a standard induction motor.
  • Go the Distance with Longer Cable Length: While running on less current per horsepower rating, MagForce High Efficiency Motors allow on average 22% longer motor cable lengths per wire size, resulting in more cost-effective installations.
  • Introducing the New FE Connect: The SubDrive platform uses an array of easy setup and assisted troubleshooting solutions to help save time during installation and reduce service hours. This includes the enhanced experience using FE Connect for smart devices.

Check out our latest catalog now and explore our all-in-one constant pressure solutions: SubDrive QuickPAK Catalog

To learn more about the entire family of SubDrive QuickPAKs, visit Franklin Electric’s product page.

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