FE Connect is the Next Generation Way to Setup and Support Franklin Electric Products

Sep 13, 2022 | Services

Service Franklin Electric products in more ways with the latest version of FE Connect. Using intuitive setup features as well as real-time logs and monitoring, FE Connect now delivers comprehensive insight and support that enhances the way you service Franklin Electric product equipped with wireless connectivity. You get convenient access to all compatible Franklin Electric products in a single tool – now and in the future. Plus, FE Connect helps you save time and enhances safety during installation and service with an array of startup, monitoring and troubleshooting solutions that minimize hands-on interaction with the drive or protection device. It’s one more way Franklin Electric is supporting professionals so you can get on to the next job faster.   

Robust Interface Helps Professionals Quickly Service More Jobs  

  • Intuitive setup pairs quickly with compatible drives and protections 
  • Save connected devices and manage locations to quickly reconnect 
  • Create and manage templates to easily save and load configurations from one installation to the next  
  • Access over-the-air firmware updates for effortless upgrades 

Discover a Streamlined Setup & Support Experience 

  • In-app guidance leads you through startups 
  • Get real-time product status 
  • Conveniently collect auto-generated commissioning reports and time-stamped logs 
  • In-app support troubleshoots potential issues and recommends corrective actions – no internet connection required 

Service Compatible Franklin Electric Products in One Place 

During launch FE Connect will be compatible with SubDrive Connect, SubDrive Connect Plus, and SubMonitor Connect. In the future, more products will be added.  

Ready to get started? 

  • Already using FE Connect? Download the new FE Connect app. Note: the former FE Connect experience continues to be available and will support SubMonitor Connect for a limited time. It will then transition to the new app. 
  • New to FE Connect? Download the FE Connect app on your phone or tablet. Scan the product codes on your Franklin Electric product. Then, follow the on-screen prompts to setup connectivity.

Download now from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store!

If you have any questions concerning how this solution supports your products, please contact your local Franklin Electric Sales Representative or Technical Support at 1-800-348-2420. 

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