Variable Frequency Drives

Cerus X-Drive Pump Panels

Variable Frequency Drives

Cerus X-Drive Pump Panels

Designed for variable torque applications up to 600 hp (480V)*, the Cerus® X-Drive is Franklin Electric’s all-inclusive drive solution for a variety of markets. Available as a standalone drive and in multiple enclosed configurations, these panels are built to last, with every detail and component centered around your requirements.

Pair this product with our legendary motors and pumps to maximize the performance of your application. All of this is backed by the best support team in the industry, making sure our business doesn’t slow yours down.

*Models are available for up to 700 hp for 575V applications only.



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Full-Featured For Your Application

  • Available as a standalone drive and multiple enclosed configurations including submersible and centrifugal applications
  • Streamlined setup powered by application-specific firmware that pre-programs settings for quick and easy startups and reliable protection for any project
  • Advanced features: Multi-VFD control up to 8 VFDs, pre-PID control (pipe fill), 2nd PID control, dual demand and pipe leak protection
  • Built-in DC choke for applications starting at 50 hp (@ 230V) and 60 hp (@ 460V / 575V) for harmonics mitigation eliminates the need for a line reactor
  • UL-listed phase conversion versatility allows for single-phase or three-phase input

Automation-Ready with Industrial Communication Protocols & Customizable Functions

  • Built-in Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) for advanced industrial applications
  • Seamless integration into SCADA and automation systems using Modbus RTU or ASCII and BACnet MS/TP communications
  • Optional communication cards: Ethernet IP and Modbus TCP/IP communication or for compatibility with FE Connect using Bluetooth® connectivity

Seamless Integration into A Control Panel

  • UL Type 4X removable and remote mountable display using a standard CAT-5 cable
  • Compact form-factor with industry-leading power density (HP/in3) aids in reducing the overall panel size
  • Converts from a NEMA 1 VFD to an Open Type VFD which increases the ambient operating temperature from 113 °F to 122 °F, saving on panel cooling costs

Order Information

Submersible Pump Panel UL Type 3R 208/230V

Item Output Horsepower Input Phase Branch Protection Included
XS2BH003-3A 3 HP Three-Phase YES
XS2BH005-3A 5 HP Three-Phase YES
XS2BH007-3A 7.5 HP Three-Phase YES
XS2BH010-3A 10 HP Three-Phase YES
XS2BH015-3A 15 HP Three-Phase YES
XS2BH020-3A 20 HP Three-Phase YES
XS2BH025-3A 25 HP Three-Phase YES
XS2BH030-3A 30 HP Three-Phase YES
XS2BH000-1A 0.5 HP Single-Phase YES
XS2BH001-1A 1 HP Single-Phase YES
XS2BH003-1A 3 HP Single-Phase YES
XS2BH005-1A 5 HP Single-Phase YES
XS2BH007-1A 7.5 HP Single-Phase YES
XS2BH010-1A 10 HP Single-Phase YES
XS2BH015-1A 15 HP Single-Phase YES
XS2BH020-1A 20 HP Single-Phase YES
XS2BH025-1A 25 HP Single-Phase YES
XS2BH030-1A 30 HP Single-Phase YES

Submersible Pump Panel UL Type 3R 460V

Item Output Horsepower Input Phase Branch Protection Included
XS4BH003-3A 3 HP Three-Phase YES
XS4BH005-3A 5 HP Three-Phase YES
XS4BH007-3A 7.5 HP Three-Phase YES
XS4BH010-3A 10 HP Three-Phase YES
XS4BH015-3A 15 HP Three-Phase YES
XS4BH020-3A 20 HP Three-Phase YES
XS4BH025-3A 25 HP Three-Phase YES
XS4BH030-3A 30 HP Three-Phase YES
XS4BH040-3A 40 HP Three-Phase YES
XS4BH050-3A 50 HP Three-Phase YES
XS4BH060-3A 60 HP Three-Phase YES
XS4BH075-3A 75 HP Three-Phase YES
XS4BH100-3A 100 HP Three-Phase YES
XS4BH125-3A 125 HP Three-Phase YES
XS4BH150-3A 150 HP Three-Phase YES
XS4BH175-3A 175 HP Three-Phase YES
XS4BH200-3A 200 HP Three-Phase YES
XS4BH250-3A 250 HP Three-Phase YES
XS4BH300-3A 300 HP Three-Phase YES
XS4BH003-1A 3 HP Single-Phase YES
XS4BH005-1A 5 HP Single-Phase YES
XS4BH007-1A 7.5 HP Single-Phase YES
XS4BH010-1A 10 HP Single-Phase YES
XS4BH015-1A 15 HP Single-Phase YES
XS4BH020-1A 20 HP Single-Phase YES
XS4BH025-1A 25 HP Single-Phase YES
XS4BH030-1A 30 HP Single-Phase YES
XS4BH040-1A 40 HP Single-Phase YES
XS4BH050-1A 50 HP Single-Phase YES
XS4BH060-1A 60 HP Single-Phase YES
XS4BH075-1A 75 HP Single-Phase YES
XS4BH100-1A 100 HP Single-Phase YES
XS4BH125-1A 125 HP Single-Phase YES
XS4BH150-1A 150 HP Single-Phase YES
XS4BH175-1A 175 HP Single-Phase YES

Submersible Pump Panel UL Type 3R 575V

Item Output Horsepower Input Phase Branch Protection Included
XS6BH003-3A 3 HP Three-Phase YES
XS6BH005-3A 5 HP Three-Phase YES
XS6BH007-3A 7.5 HP Three-Phase YES
XS6BH010-3A 10 HP Three-Phase YES
XS6BH015-3A 15 HP Three-Phase YES
XS6BH020-3A 20 HP Three-Phase YES
XS6BH025-3A 25 HP Three-Phase YES
XS6BH030-3A 30 HP Three-Phase YES
XS6BH040-3A 40 HP Three-Phase YES
XS6BH050-3A 50 HP Three-Phase YES
XS6BH060-3A 60 HP Three-Phase YES
XS6BH075-3A 75 HP Three-Phase YES
XS6BH100-3A 100 HP Three-Phase YES
XS6BH125-3A 125 HP Three-Phase YES
XS6BH150-3A 150 HP Three-Phase YES
XS6BH175-3A 175 HP Three-Phase YES
XS6BH200-3A 200 HP Three-Phase YES
XS6BH003-1A 3 HP Single-Phase YES
XS6BH005-1A 5 HP Single-Phase YES
XS6BH007-1A 7.5 HP Single-Phase YES
XS6BH010-1A 10 HP Single-Phase YES
XS6BH015-1A 15 HP Single-Phase YES
XS6BH020-1A 20 HP Single-Phase YES
XS6BH025-1A 25 HP Single-Phase YES
XS6BH030-1A 30 HP Single-Phase YES
XS6BH040-1A 40 HP Single-Phase YES
XS6BH050-1A 50 HP Single-Phase YES
XS6BH060-1A 60 HP Single-Phase YES

Surface Pump Panel UL Type 3R 208/230V

Item Output Horsepower Input Phase Branch Protection Included
XC2BH003-3A 3 HP Three-Phase YES
XC2BH005-3A 5 HP Three-Phase YES
XC2BH007-3A 7.5 HP Three-Phase YES
XC2BH010-3A 10 HP Three-Phase YES
XC2BH015-3A 15 HP Three-Phase YES
XC2BH020-3A 20 HP Three-Phase YES
XC2BH025-3A 25 HP Three-Phase YES
XC2BH030-3A 30 HP Three-Phase YES
XC2BH040-3A 40 HP Three-Phase YES
XC2BH050-3A 50 HP Three-Phase YES
XC2BH060-3A 60 HP Three-Phase YES
XC2BH075-3A 75 HP Three-Phase YES
XC2BH100-3A 100 HP Three-Phase YES
XC2BH003-1A 3 HP Single-Phase YES
XC2BH005-1A 5 HP Single-Phase YES
XC2BH007-1A 7.5 HP Single-Phase YES
XC2BH010-1A 10 HP Single-Phase YES
XC2BH015-1A 15 HP Single-Phase YES
XC2BH020-1A 20 HP Single-Phase YES
XC2BH025-1A 25 HP Single-Phase YES
XC2BH030-1A 30 HP Single-Phase YES

Surface Pump Panel UL Type 3R 460V

Item Output Horsepower Input Phase Branch Protection Included
XC4BH003-3A 3 HP Three-Phase YES
XC4BH005-3A 5 HP Three-Phase YES
XC4BH007-3A 7.5 HP Three-Phase YES
XC4BH010-3A 10 HP Three-Phase YES
XC4BH015-3A 15 HP Three-Phase YES
XC4BH020-3A 20 HP Three-Phase YES
XC4BH025-3A 25 HP Three-Phase YES
XC4BH030-3A 30 HP Three-Phase YES
XC4BH040-3A 40 HP Three-Phase YES
XC4BH050-3A 50 HP Three-Phase YES
XC4BH060-3A 60 HP Three-Phase YES
XC4BH075-3A 75 HP Three-Phase YES
XC4BH100-3A 100 HP Three-Phase YES
XC4BH125-3A 125 HP Three-Phase YES
XC4BH150-3A 150 HP Three-Phase YES
XC4BH200-3A 200 HP Three-Phase YES
XC4BH250-3A 250 HP Three-Phase YES
XC4BH300-3A 300 HP Three-Phase YES
XC4BH350-3A 350 HP Three-Phase YES
XC4BH400-3A 400 HP Three-Phase YES
XC4BH450-3A 450 HP Three-Phase YES
XC4BH500-3A 500 HP Three-Phase YES
XC4BH003-1A 3 HP Single-Phase YES
XC4BH005-1A 5 HP Single-Phase YES
XC4BH007-1A 7.5 HP Single-Phase YES
XC4BH010-1A 10 HP Single-Phase YES
XC4BH015-1A 15 HP Single-Phase YES
XC4BH020-1A 20 HP Single-Phase YES
XC4BH025-1A 25 HP Single-Phase YES
XC4BH030-1A 30 HP Single-Phase YES
XC4BH040-1A 40 HP Single-Phase YES
XC4BH050-1A 50 HP Single-Phase YES
XC4BH060-1A 60 HP Single-Phase YES
XC4BH075-1A 75 HP Single-Phase YES
XC4BH100-1A 100 HP Single-Phase YES
XC4BH125-1A 125 HP Single-Phase YES
XC4BH150-1A 150 HP Single-Phase YES
XC4BH200-1A 175 HP Single-Phase YES

Surface Pump Panel UL Type 3R 575V

Item Output Horsepower Input Phase Branch Protection Included
XC6BH003-3A 3 HP Three-Phase YES
XC6BH005-3A 5 HP Three-Phase YES
XC6BH007-3A 7.5 HP Three-Phase YES
XC6BH010-3A 10 HP Three-Phase YES
XC6BH015-3A 15 HP Three-Phase YES
XC6BH020-3A 20 HP Three-Phase YES
XC6BH025-3A 25 HP Three-Phase YES
XC6BH030-3A 30 HP Three-Phase YES
XC6BH040-3A 40 HP Three-Phase YES
XC6BH050-3A 50 HP Three-Phase YES
XC6BH060-3A 60 HP Three-Phase YES
XC6BH075-3A 75 HP Three-Phase YES
XC6BH100-3A 100 HP Three-Phase YES
XC6BH125-3A 125 HP Three-Phase YES
XC6BH150-3A 150 HP Three-Phase YES
XC6BH200-3A 200 HP Three-Phase YES
XC6BH250-3A 250 HP Three-Phase YES
XC6BH300-3A 300 HP Three-Phase YES
XC6BH350-3A 350 HP Three-Phase YES
XC6BH400-3A 400 HP Three-Phase YES
XC6BH450-3A 450 HP Three-Phase YES
XC6BH500-3A 500 HP Three-Phase YES
XC6BH003-1A 3 HP Single-Phase YES
XC6BH005-1A 5 HP Single-Phase YES
XC6BH007-1A 7.5 HP Single-Phase YES
XC6BH010-1A 10 HP Single-Phase YES
XC6BH015-1A 15 HP Single-Phase YES
XC6BH020-1A 20 HP Single-Phase YES
XC6BH025-1A 25 HP Single-Phase YES
XC6BH030-1A 30 HP Single-Phase YES
XC6BH040-1A 40 HP Single-Phase YES
XC6BH050-1A 50 HP Single-Phase YES
XC6BH060-1A 60 HP Single-Phase YES

Support Materials


Title Type Size
Drives & Controls Catalog PDF 2.34 MB
Replacement Components Catalog PDF 0.66 MB


Title Type Size
Cerus X-Drive Owner's Manual PDF 13.07 MB
Cerus X-Drive Manual (Spanish) PDF 22.02 MB
Cerus X-Drive Manual (French) PDF 22.51 MB
Cerus X-Drive Specification Table PDF 0.84 MB
Cerus X-Drive Quick Start Guide PDF 1.58 MB
BACnet Communication Manual PDF 0.06 MB
P-Series Manual (Legacy) PDF 5.61 MB
Application Guide: X-Drive Set-Up Pump with Transducer PDF 0.46 MB
Application Guide: X-Drive Set-Up with Gas Sensor PDF 0.07 MB
Application Guide: X-Drive Set-Up Pioneer self-priming, vacuum assist centrifugal PDF 0.45 MB
Application Guide: X-Drive Set-Up Submersible pump soft start PDF 0.06 MB
Application Guide: X-Drive UL Resource PDF 0.04 MB
Application Guide: X-Drive Set-Up Pioneer transducer with sleep mode PDF 0.08 MB
Application Guide: X-Drive Set-Up Pioneer pump lift station bypass system PDF 0.46 MB
Application Guide: X-Drive Fan Replacement PDF 0.28 MB
Application Guide: P-Drive to X-Drive Conversion PDF 0.11 MB
Application Guide: X-Drive Control Board Replacement PDF 1.11 MB
Application Guide: X-Drive Multi-Drive Configuration PDF 0.08 MB
Application Guide: X-Drive HVAC/Cooling Tower, Bypass, 4-20mA Speed Control, or Temperature Controller PDF 0.07 MB
Application Guide: X-Drive Set-Up HVAC Exhaust Fan/Circulation Pump PDF 0.08 MB
Application Guide: X-Drive HVAC Fire Control Exhaust Full Speed (BMS) PDF 0.08 MB
Application Guide: X-Drive HVAC Fire Control Exhaust w PID PDF 0.09 MB
Application Guide: X-Drive Input/Output Board Replacement PDF 0.23 MB