Big High Pressure Needs with Limited Space for Big Equipment

10/04/2023 | Case Study

Franklin Electric recently partnered with distributor AIM Solutions, Inc. to provide a unique water pressure boosting solution for a tenant moving into 10 stories of the World Trade center building in New York City.

Customer Challenge

The new tenant, a growing technology firm, had big plans for their new space - and those plans required more customized water delivery solutions than the building’s existing infrastructure could provide. With the need for more employee-centric amenities, including multiple drinking stations and on-site showers, AIM Solutions worked with a local engineering firm to prepare the space.

Real estate in New York City is not only limited, but costly. The engineering firm knew that every inch of available space would need to be outfitted with critical business tools, like office equipment, furniture and working stations, in addition to amenities designed to boost employee engagement and recruitment. Utilizing any floor space for a mechanical room was simply out of the question. In addition, many traditional pumping stations are notoriously loud, creating noise issues that are problematic in an office environment.


The Solution

Working with AIM Solutions., the engineers found the perfect solution - the Franklin Electric with Inline 1100 SpecPAK™ Pressure Boosting System. The scalable lnline 1100 SpecPAK Pressure Boosting System can be easily sized to connect to nearly any existing commercial, industrial or multi-residential infrastructure. The system’s lnline 1100 constant pressure pumps are quiet, compact and self-contained. As water demand increases, the system instantly accelerates the motor to the proper speed ensuring the water pressure stays constant from fixture to fixture. Even low-flow fixtures benefit from a boost in water pressure.

Pump Features

    • A compact, simplified way to size a packaged system for commercial, industrial, or multi-residential facilities
    • Easy to expand the quantity of pumps after the initial installation

Performance Details

The small footprint and quiet operation also made the lnline 1100 SpecPAK the ideal solution for the tenant. The system comes packaged and ready for installation virtually anywhere: in this case, the system was installed in an otherwise unused open ceiling area. This offered a unique advantage to the tenant of not having to use any office floor space for the pressure boosting system.

The Results

The tenant’s employees have already been benefiting from the amenities provided - all without having to compromise water pressure or endure a noisy system. Looking towards the future, the system’s built-in scalability means the business can easily add amenities with little to no downtime.


    • Increased water pressure
    • Quiet operation
    • Decreased downtime
    • Reduced footprint


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