Booster Pump Packages

Inline 1100 SpecPAK Pressure Boosting System

Booster Pump Packages

Inline 1100 SpecPAK Pressure Boosting System

The Franklin Electric Inline 1100 SpecPAK water pressure boosting system connects easily to nearly any commercial, industrial, or multi-residential plumbing configuration to provide an easy-to-size water pressure boosting solution. Contractors simply determine how much water is required to be boosted to the desired constant pressure output, and the system comes properly packaged. The pump itself, the Franklin Electric Inline 1100, is a quiet, all-in-one constant water pressure boosting system that contains the pump, motor, and drive in a compact package. As water volume needs increase, the pump instantly accelerates to the proper speed to ensure the water pressure stays constant throughout the application.


Features & Benefits

  • Unique, patent pending wall-mount design, at 14.5 inches deep, accommodates virtually all mechanical room sizes and fits through standard doorways for worry-free specifications
  • All stainless components for corrosion resistance and uncompromised water quality
  • Electrical design with multiple fuses to prevent surge damage to control electronics
  • Manifold and pump circuit piping sized to accommodate a full range of flows with minimal losses from hydraulic friction
  • Grooved plumbing connections reduce set-up time and minimize external stress transfers between piping connections
  • Full port ball valves used to reduce pressure loss through fittings and maintain smooth, consistent water velocities through the system

Ease of Installation

  • Flexibility to add pump modules to the base package so the system can grow to accommodate new or unexpected water demands (PATENT PENDING)
  • Quick connections within the individual pump circuit piping allowing service/installations to be performed with minimal labor and tools
  • Wall-hung unit minimizes the required installation space, preserving critical floor space while allowing for easier, eye-level system maintenance
  • Compact footprint
  • Electrical code compliant, lockable electrical disconnects Included in panel controlled models
  • Prewired electrical quick connectors between each pump and the control pane
  • Complete package system provides pressure and flow in a simple, single unit

Control Panel Features

  • Color-touchscreen, Programmable Logic Control (PLC) allows for system control without opening the panel
  • Modbus, ethernet, or cell radio communication capable (requires optional card) allowing for remote monitoring and contro
  • System setting for flexible output operation can toggle between single-unit or multi-unit pump operation as system demand necessitates
  • If only a single pump unit is needed to meet the water supply demand, the control provides allowances for a variety of pump rotation schemes balancing run time across all pumps
  • Allowance for operation in a commissioning mode within the control sequence
  • Lockable fused branch disconnects allow offline pump to receive maintenance while remaining pumps stay online
  • Field programmable to allow for automatic firmware updates

Order Information

Standard Pressure Boosting System Model

Item Model Description
574705900 1IL-2301414-T1S Inline 1100 SpecPAK, 230v, Simplex Pressure Boosting System
574705902 2IL-23033-G1T Inline 1100 SpecPAK, 230v, Duplex Pressure Boosting System
574705903 3IL-23033-G1T Inline 1100 SpecPAK, 230v, Triplex Pressure Boosting System
574705904 4IL-23033-G1T Inline 1100 SpecPAK, 230v, Quad Pressure Boosting System

Parts & Accessories

SpecPAK Replacement Parts

Item Description
305707902 Replacement Pump-Motor Assembly for CP1100
305707903 Replacement Mounting Feet (set of 2, with hardware)
305707904 Fastener Kit for CP1100
305707905 Cable only, 2-wire x 5' long, for standard pressure sensor
305707906 Pressure Sensor, standard pressure (factory set to 50 PSI)
305707908 Cable only, 4-wire x 5' long, for over pressure sensor
5850012000 Duplex Alternator for SubDrive/MonoDrive Systems
305707901 Replacement Electronic Drive Assembly, IL1100 (Does not include Pump & Motor)
305707910 Pressure Tank (2 gallon)
305707917 Thermostat Kit IL1100

SpecPAK Plumbing and Product Extensions

Item Description
305619004 3" Victaulic #107N Rigid Coupling, Galvanized with E Gasket (NSF 61 Certified)
305619005 Pump Piping Circuit

SpecPAK Transformers

Item Description
305619011 480 V Supply to 240 V for Simplex/Duplex Encapsulated
305619013 480 V Supply to 240 V for Quad
305619014 208 V Supply to 240 V for Simplex/Duplex
305619015 208 V Supply to 240 V for Triplex
305619016 208 V Supply to 240 V for Quad

SpecPAK Communications Cards

Item Description
305619017 Modbus Card
305619018 Ethernet Card

SpecPAK Mounting and Isolation Systems for Walls

Item Description
305619020 Duplex/Triplex Kinetics Isolator Kit (Includes (4) 3' Long Furring Strips, (8) Isolator Clips, (8) 1/4X1" Tek Screws)