Variable Frequency Drives

SubDrive Connect

Variable Frequency Drives

SubDrive Connect

Franklin Electric’s SubDrive Connect Variable Frequency Drives are the most complete and versatile constant pressure solution for residential and light commercial water systems. Helping you upgrade jobs up to 5 horsepower, this easy-to-install drive is equipped to optimize submersible and above-ground pumps with single-phase, two-wire and three-wire, or three-phase motors. The sleek NEMA 3R-rated SubDrive Connects are full-featured for field-proven reliability, while the FE Connect mobile app offers easier service, real-time local monitoring, setup, and troubleshooting. Find out more about its capabilities below.



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Discover the innovative FE Connect mobile app that enables you to remotely monitor and control your water system with ease and convenience.

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Features & Benefits

  • Designed for Water Systems, Optimized for Constant Pressure: Designed specifically for water pumping applications, SubDrive Connect delivers robuts features for unparalleled dependability:
    • Provides consistent water pressure across a system, eliminating fluctuations
    • Soft start maximizes system life
    • Advanced filtering to mitigate interference with sensitive electronic devices, such as LED lighting and smart home appliances
    • Power Factor Correction that optimizes the system for a wider performance range
    • Additional built-in protections include:
      • Underload (Dry-run) with customizable sensitivity and off time
      • Overload / Locked pump
      • Broken pipe detection
      • Output short circuit and open circuit
      • Undervoltage
      • Electrical surge
      • Overheated controller
      • Moisture sensor input
      • Run and fault relays
  • Simple Installation, Made Easier Through Connectivity: The easy-to-install platform uses an array of setup, local monitoring, and assisted troubleshooting solutions to help you save time during installation and servicing:
    • LCD display provides immediate feedback and read-outs on pressure and system status
    • No programming is required with easy DIP switches for basic drive configuration
    • Integrated connectivity and compatibility with our FE Connect mobile app for real-time data and monitoring; access to advanced features such as motor frequency range, lead/lag/alternation, broken pipe detection, and fault log retrieval
  • Redefined Versatility to Tackle a Wider Range of Applications:
    • Ideal for new construction or retrofitting and optimizing submersible and above-ground systems from 1/2 – 5 hp, with single-phase, two-wire and three-wire, or three-phase
    • Available as a standalone drive or as the popular SubDrive Connect QuickPAK delivering motor, pump, and drive all in one package
    • Built-in lead/lag and alternation capability for duplex systems
    • Comes standard with various input/output (I/O) ports for streamlined compatibility with adjacent systems
  • Smaller Footprint, Smarter Use of Space:
    • Compact design, that is ideal for wall-mounting, works with small pressure tanks or existing larger tanks
    • Can be used indoors or outside since the self-contained NEMA 3R-rated drive provides a degree of protection against falling rain or sleet
  • Fully Supported: Comes fully supported by the industry-leading technical support professionals and field service engineers

Order Information

SubDrive Connect Variable Frequency Drive

Item Description
5870205313C SubDrive20 Connect with 100 PSI Analog Pressure Transducer
5870205403C SubDrive30 Connect with 100 PSI Analog Pressure Transducer
5870205503C SubDrive50 Connect with 100 PSI Analog Pressure Transducer

Find an All-in-One Solution with Franklin Electric's SubDrive QuickPAK

Franklin Electric’s SubDrive QuickPAK is a popular system-solution package designed to simplify the installation of a constant pressure system. The all-in-one package maximizes performance by pairing Franklin Electric’s proven portfolio of submersible pumps with our legendary motors and engineered drives.

Parts & Accessories

SubDrive Connect Accessories

Item Description
575214902 Screen Replacement Kit
5850012000 Duplex Alternator for SubDrive/MonoDrive Systems
226540913 Replacement Display Board Kit
226540903 Replacement Pressure Input Board Kit
226030901 Input AMR Filter Kit, 20A
225198901 Input EMI Filter Kit, 36A
226035901 Input IGF Filter Kit, 40A
226770901 Moisture Sensor Kit Wet Floor Sensor
225300901 Output EMI Filter Kit, 10.9A
225800901 Pressure Sensor Cable Kit, 10 Feet, Direct Burial
225800903 Pressure Sensor Cable Kit, 100 Feet, Direct Burial
223995902 Pressure Sensor Cable Kit, 100 Feet, Indoor
226941901 Pressure Sensor Cable Kit, 100 Feet, Outdoor
225800902 Pressure Sensor Cable Kit, 30 Feet, Direct Burial
226910901 Pressure Transducer Cable Kit, 10 Feet
226910904 Pressure Transducer Cable Kit, 100 Feet
226910905 Pressure Transducer Cable Kit, 150 Feet
226910906 Pressure Transducer Cable Kit, 200 Feet
226910902 Pressure Transducer Cable Kit, 25 Feet
226910903 Pressure Transducer Cable Kit, 50 Feet
226905902 Pressure Transducer Kit, 100 PSI, 4-20mA
226905903 Pressure Transducer Kit, 150 PSI, 4-20mA
226905904 Pressure Transducer Kit, 200 PSI, 4-20mA
226545904 Replacement Fan Kit, SD15
226545905 Replacement Fan Kit, SD20/SD30
226545903 SD50 Fan Kit
223995901 Standard Pressure Sensor, 25-90 PSI, NSF Rated
150814902 Surge Arrestor - Single Phase - Up to 125V To Group
225199901 Surge Capacitor Kit, 3-Lead
225199902 Surge Capacitor Kit, 4-Lead
225770901 Drawdown Kit
226905912 Pressure Transducer/Isolator Kit, 100 PSI, 4-20mA
226115922 Input Filter, 3HP/23A
226115923 Input Filter, 5HP/36A
225970901 Standard Pressure Sensor, 75-150 PSI, NSF Rated