SMS SubMonitor Pump Starter


SMS SubMonitor Pump Starter

Equipped with the Franklin Electric SubMonitor Connect overload relay, the SMS provides ideal motor protection for Franklin Electric submersible motors.



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Electronic Overload Motor Protection

  • Wide range, adjustable, class 5-30 electronic overload
  • Dry pump detection protects your pump and motor from adverse conditions and allows for time-based automatic restart with well recovery mode
  • Industry-leading motor protection for the following conditions:
    • Over/under power (dry-run)
    • Over/under voltage protection
    • Voltage phase loss
    • Voltage
    • Current phase unbalance
    • Locked rotor
    • Cycle fault
    • Ground Fault
  • Easy access to input and output terminals
  • 32-character, backlit, NEMA 4x, wash-down rated screen mounted on front of panel allowing for safe viewing of conditions while motor is running
  • Motor insulation check

Real-time & Date-stamped Fault Logging

  • Unit ships with a pre-programmed real time clock with a 10-year battery backup
  • Contains separate fault, configuration change, and start logs. Independent logs allow user to see last fault even if it occurred years ago
  • Fault log tracks 150 faults with date and time stamp accurate down to the second:
    • Allows users to diagnose power problems and prove them to your power provider
    • Unit will give users a ‘snapshot’ of conditions at the time of fault, such as line to line voltage and current, alarms present, and I/0 status
    • Format of time stamping example: 7/7/16 10:15:24

Application-based Setup

  • SubMonitor Connect is an advanced, comprehensive, 3 phase motor protection relay that allows users to dial in protection and automation with extreme accuracy and parameter depth. However, SubMonitor Connect also has a streamlined Basic Setup Wizard to allows user to get up and running quickly
  • 9 simple steps to program unit
  • Users select between Submersible, Surface, or Custom and SubMonitor prepopulates protection parameters accordingly
  • Confirm basic motor info, key protection info, time to get started

Automation Ready - Advanced Pump Control

  • 12-240 VAC/VDC wet input for remote start/stop
  • Dry contacts for auto run/shutdown or high float/low float
  • Modbus RTU communication
  • Automatic fault reset and on and off delay settings
  • Automatic fault reset and on and off delay settings

Heavy-duy Industrial-grade Construction

  • Outdoor rated, gasketed, powder coated, NEMA 3R enclosure designed in house by Franklin Electric to optimize layout and functionality
  • UL 489 circuit breaker disconnect for branch and short circuit protection
  • No fuses required saving time and money
  • Lockable handle

Order Information

UL Type 3R - 200-600VAC

Item Maximum Current Branch Protection Included
SMS3B-3A015S1 8 A Yes
SMS3B-3A020S1 11 A Yes
SMS3C-3A030S1 17 A Yes
SMS3D-3A040S1 22 A Yes
SMS3E-3A050S1 28 A Yes
SMS3E-3A060S1 34 A Yes
SMS3F-3A080S1 45 A Yes
SMS3F-3A100S1 52 A Yes
SMS3G-3A100S1 57 A Yes
SMS3G-3A125S1 71 A Yes
SMS3H-3A150S1 85 A Yes
SMS3I-3A200S1 114 A Yes
SMS3I-3A250S1 130 A Yes
SMS3K-3A300S1 171 A Yes
SMS3K-3A400S1 228 A Yes
SMS3L-3A500S1 285 A Yes
SMS3L-3A600S1 342 A Yes
SMS3L-3A800S1 361 A Yes