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Fhoton Surface SolarPAK Solar-Powered Pumping Package

Drive Packages

Fhoton Surface SolarPAK Solar-Powered Pumping Package

Fhoton™ Surface SolarPAK solar-powered pump systems are designed to meet pressure boosting and water transfer needs while running on the power of the sun. Utilizing industry-proven cast iron and stainless steel pumps, these solar-powered pump systems are available in a range of horsepower sizes that offer high performance solar pumping for a wide variety of applications. Whether boosting water pressure from a cistern tank, solar fountain, or other surface source, Franklin's quality solar products will fit your renewable energy needs.



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The Fhoton™ Surface SolarPAK includes:

  • Fhoton™ solar controller
  • Franklin Electric pump and motor
  • Low flow cut-off switch


  • Turf Irrigation
  • Water Transfer
  • Pressure Boosting
  • Water Circulation
  • Fountains
  • Wash Down Applications
  • Animal Hydration
  • Commercial Water Features
  • Rain Water Harvesting

Order Information

Fhoton Surface SolarPAK 1/2hp to 1-1/2hp

Item Model HP Flow
91040725 FDSP-0.5HP-7BT4 1/2 hp 7 gpm
91143025 FDSP-1.5HP-30MH 1.5 hp 30 gpm
91340025 FDSP-1.5HP-TB 1.5 hp 40 gpm
91240025 FDSP-1HP-FCE 1 hp 25 gpm