Top 10 to Watch: Franklin Electric's Sukaynah Abu-Mulaweh

12/19/2023 | People

By: Melody Manasco


Sukaynah Abu-Mulaweh is an engineering manager for Franklin Electric.

Problem solving to ensure people can reliably and safely access water is a core value for Sukaynah Abu-Mulaweh, 29. When she came across an internship opportunity with Franklin Electric her senior year of college, she was intrigued by the products being engineered and the impact they had on our global society. Despite the internship being aimed at sophomore/junior level students, Abu-Mulaweh applied to the position anyway and has now been with the company for eight years.

While her technical background helped her get into the industry, Abu-Mulaweh’s curiosity to learn new things and drive to improve what is already being done allowed her to take on challenges outside of her background. “I took advantage of project opportunities that allowed me to gain experience with products outside electronics and did not hesitate to ask questions even though I was not the expert in the room,” she said. The industry also gave her the opportunity to utilize her skillsets in a way that aligned with her core values and passion to help others. “Water is one of the most essential, basic human needs, so being a part of the solution to provide access to this need globally gives the work I do meaning and gives me a feeling of fulfillment,” she said.

One thing Abu-Mulaweh wishes she had known before getting into the industry is how connecting with others outside of your department can enhance your way of thinking. She helped form the Franklin Women’s Network, which allows participants to learn from each other and discuss valuable topics presented at group events. “Sukaynah’s initiative created a program that is valuable to both current employees as well as others entering our industry,” said her nominator, Ilse Gallegos.

Abu-Mulaweh’s advice to newcomers is to choose an industry that aligns with their values and motivates them to excel. “A paycheck matters, but it is the feeling of content in the work you do that makes the difference. If you are looking for a career in an industry that provides a tangible, positive impact for people around the globe, join us in the water industry,” she said.

What’s one thing people would be surprised to learn about you?

I’m an engineer that is artistic. I enjoy drawing/painting and have found that this creative outlet is a fantastic way
to destress.

What do you like best about  working in thisindustry? 

Knowing that i'm part of an engineering team that is developing products that do good in this world. We engineer products that improve the world we live in, transforming our skillsets into meaningful solutions. 

What do you find most challenging? 

Dealing with the phrase "that's how it's always been" as an answer to a question about why we do things a certain way. That is not a valid response, as it does not fully answer the question and tends to hamper innovation. Challenging these assumptions is difficult, but it is necessary to understand why it has always been that way so we can find more effective ways to do things with modern-day advances. That is the only way to stay relevant and competitive in the global market. 

What has you most excited about the future of this industry?

The challenge of staying relevant in the markets we have a significant presence in and gaining more ground in the new markets we are entering. Understanding the customers' real needs and what makes them choose Franklin is key to develop the right new products and continue to enhance the value of our existing products. 

What do you do to make sure you're continuing your education/training? 

My current role leads me to continue my education/training as my team supports a wide range of Franklin products. I take advantage of this opportunity to learn more about the purpose, history, function, and application of our products across all segments. I have found the internal training tools available to be helpful but engaging with the product owners in engineering, product management, manufacturing, and sourcing has been the most effective. 

How do you spend your time outside work?

I enjoy spending quality time with my family and friends.


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