Franklin Electric’s Newest AIM Manual Includes Features That Provide Additional Resources for Groundwater Professionals

Feb 24, 2023 | Update

Groundwater professionals can now access the latest version of Franklin Electric’s popular Application, Installation & Maintenance (AIM) Manual at franklinwater.com. This new edition features several enhancements to the usability of AIM, including: 

  • The addition of Franklin Electric’s growing portfolio of submersible motors  
  • Redesigned graphics so users can better understand how the motor works within the entire water delivery system 
  • A comprehensive, current controls application and maintenance section with fault codes and troubleshooting tips 

The 2023 edition of the AIM Manual will carry on the tradition of helping professionals navigate application, installation and maintenance questions related to submersible motors. The newest features will create a more comprehensive offering that includes detailed instructions on how to test systems that are often underground and out-of-sight. 

“AIM is all about giving groundwater professionals everything they need when they need it most,” said Rick Campbell, Franklin Electric’s Manager for Technical Support, who plays a lead role in developing the guide. “At Franklin Electric, we’ve utilized the expertise of dozens of engineers, technical specialists, support staff and more to bring this version to the industry. Some of us have worked on and contributed to the manual for over 40 years – myself included.” 

First published in the 1960s as a field service guide and updated regularly over the years, the Franklin Electric AIM Manual has become an indispensable tool for groundwater professionals. In recent years, Franklin Electric launched a complementary AIM App, to help the field quickly access information on jobsites using a phone or tablet. Today, the AIM Manual is relied on by thousands, including state and industrial organizations across the country that use it as part of their training curriculum. 

“Of all the resources that we share with our water well professionals in the groundwater industry, we know that knowledge can be the most powerful tool of all,” said Campbell. “We’re excited to once again bring our partners an updated version of this critical tool, and we’re proud of what the AIM Manual means to people out in the field.” 

Click here to access the newest AIM Manual and get started.  

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