Meeting Essential Needs and Making a Difference during the Health Crisis

09/11/2020 | Update

Our business delivers its true value when we can solve essential water needs and meet pumping requirements in a timely manner. This is especially true this year as the world experiences the global health crisis brought on by COVID-19. Access to clean water for drinking, cooking and hygiene has become more important than ever, and no more so than in underserved communities or areas of the world where water is truly a luxury. As a global leader focused on the movement and management of water systems, we take great pride in working alongside our partners to provide the products and support needed to improve the quality of life for people around the world. This year, several projects allowed us to further realize this mission, including two that we completed recently in Ecuador.

Timely Repairs in a Remote Region

When locals in the remote area of Recinto de la Boya in Buena Fe, Ecuador first realized their pumping system was no longer working, replacing the equipment in a timely manner became essential. Without it, critical COVID-19 infection-control measures -- such as washing hands properly – were not possible.  

To bring water systems back in action for this small but active area, Acero Comercial Ecuatoriano, one of our regional partners in South America, promptly completed an installation using one of our High Capacity Tri-Seal submersible pumps. Playing an essential role in the prevention and combat against the virus, Franklin Electric’s water system solutions helped our partners meet the requirements needed to quickly restore water supply for families in the community.

New Sanitation Protocols in a Major Urban Area

In a nearby region, essential businesses in the urban area of Quevedo joined the list of organizations striving to move forward and keep the country’s economy running while also doing their best to keep their employees safe and virus-free. To serve this purpose, early in the year, our partners introduced a new solution to their portfolio of water systems: fully assembled disinfectant tunnels and chambers designed to support the continuous operations of different essential businesses.

Behind these implementations, Franklin Electric’s Versajet pumps performed as the main driving force to execute sanitizing protocols. For the installation located in their crowded water association, where the population density exceeds 100,000 throughout the season, the tunnel’s water system demanded high pressure (above 60 psi) to properly nebulize the cleaning solution. By using jet pumps built for easy customization to meet varying needs, its nozzle replacement system provided our partners with the ideal solution to adjust their pumping system performance and meet high pressure or high flow demands.

These are a few of the many stories that exemplify how our partners across the globe are responding to customer needs and making a difference every single day – even in uncertain, difficult times. It’s truly a moment to remind ourselves as members of the water industry about the remarkable privilege we have: being able to play a direct role in an essential industry that provides immediate access to such a vital human need as water.

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