A Focus on the Future: The Franklin Internship Experience

Aug 25, 2021 | Update, People

Providing employees with the tools they need to thrive is an important part of life at Franklin Electric. The company's internship program lays the foundation for this, giving young professionals the opportunity to explore careers and experience the industry. This year, Franklin Electric placed interns throughout core areas such as global credit, finance, tax, audit, facilities, IT, and human resources; creative functions such as training and graphic design; and strategic fields in software, technical solutions, and business strategy.

Franklin Electric values and depends upon the diverse backgrounds, experience, knowledge, and talents of employees, and the internship program is no different. Gone are the days of interns fetching coffee. Interns are held to the same standards as full-time employees – and they're thankful for it! Hear what interns are saying about the program:

"In past internships, I primarily completed research. However, at Franklin, I know that my work was important, and better yet, I gained exposure to concepts that I had never worked on before. I could tell on my first day that I was going to enjoy working with my team and was encouraged by the opportunity to freely collaborate with a group of highly technical individuals."

Matt Rumple, Embedded Software Intern / Purdue University - West Lafayette, Anticipated December 2021 Graduate

"Not only did I improve as a designer during this experience, but as a marketer. The marketing team at Franklin is the most collaborative team that I have ever been a part of; as a result, I have a better appreciation for the planning that goes into the decisions that we're making to represent our brand. I especially enjoyed working on social media visuals – designing them and then seeing them posted." 

Kevin Schueler, Graphic Design Intern / The University of Saint Francis, May 2021 Graduate 

"I was nervous when I first started that I wouldn't know enough about the industry and products to excel in this role, but the culture at Franklin is supportive. The combined experience of working with my boss, who has 25 years under his belt, and working directly with product managers to gain a better understanding of the complexity of our products, has opened my eyes to my career potential in technical writing." 

Caroline McMasters, Technical Solutions Intern / Purdue University, December 2019 Graduate

"I never felt like a traditional intern. My experience with Franklin was very well rounded, and I know that I contributed in a meaningful way. My goal was to get as much exposure to the accounting world as I could. I completed projects in a wide variety of segments – domestically and internationally. The culture at Franklin is very welcoming – they made it easy to say 'yes' to staying on board."

Zach Johnson, Tax Department Intern / Grace College, Anticipated December 2022 Graduate 

"One of the most impactful moments I had this summer was presenting my work to company executives with an open platform. I appreciated that they listened and cared about my perspective. I had not had that opportunity with past internship programs - I felt like a valued employee. This experience has opened my eyes to the array of possibilities that my degree will bring me post-graduation."

MarShay Neely, Finance Intern / Purdue University – Fort Wayne, Anticipated May 2023 Graduate

Interns work with one another in collaborative environments and are encouraged to seek out resources required to perform at their best. Corporate Human Resources Manager Amanda Hecht affirms, "[Franklin Electric] fosters a culture where employees feel empowered." Hosting interns for frequent 'Lunch and Learns' ensures that they have a direct connection with the program's mentors and acquire practical 21st-century learning skills required for success in the workforce and beyond.

The program rounds out with individual presentations outlining eachintern's contributions, performance metrics, and overall program satisfaction rating. Managers and executives from Franklin's corporate headquarters are on hand to hear these presentations, adding to the learning experience. This serves as a development activity for both interns and leadership, as interns provide greater perspective into executive-level updates received during the interns' time on staff. 

Becoming a part of the Franklin Electric team through the internship program can open doors to opportunities for future growth. Franklin has career opportunities in many locations around the world, and interns are encouraged to explore potential permanent positions. Many interns are inspired to stay on as full-time members of the company's team.

Interested in Franklin Electric? Visit their career portal to discover open positions.

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