Inline 1100 SpecPAK Receives Innovation Award at AHR Expo


In February, the AHR Expo once again recognized the work of industry innovators across a variety of HVACR  categories. In the plumbing category, Franklin Electric’s Inline 1100 SpecPAK™ Pressure Boosting System earned top honors, with a design the committee recognized for its compact footprint, quiet operation and overall performance. The award committee also noted how the system delivers a “plug and play” solution that is easy to expand – a key benefit for HVACR professionals. Learn how Franklin Electric’s approach to innovation led to the development of the Inline 1100 SpecPAK in this video

The Innovation Awards are presented annually during the AHR Expo. Candidates in the plumbing category included any product or tool used to conserve water, or to direct, distribute, increase or decrease the flow of water. All nominated product is judged on the merits of its overall approach to innovation and how this innovation fulfills a need within the industry. A product’s overall value proposition and market impact are also considered. Read more about the Innovation Awards and Inline 1100 SpecPAK’s recognition here.

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