Benefits of Using Online Tools to Specify a Pumping System

04/30/2024 | White Paper

Specifying the best pumping system for an application can be challenging. More options, unique application requirements, increased optimization considerations, finding the time to select the best system (and support that recommendation with quotes and backup documentation) can add even more complexity to the process.

That’s why Franklin Electric developed the online specifying tool FE Select. Driven by advanced technology, FE Select is Franklin Electric’s industry leading resource that allows you to easily size, configure, price, quote and order a system. Simply input your performance requirements, specs, voltage, and other electrical considerations, and FE Select will generate a quote that includes downloadable assets like performance curves, dimensional drawings, and detailed component specifications. FE Select does the critical calculations needed to optimize a system and can show you options you may have otherwise overlooked. Consider the following benefits and features of FE Selection and how they can work for you.



Customizable: Input Basic or Advanced Parameters

It’s important to analyze as many performance variables as possible to pinpoint the best solution for your project. In designing FE Select, Franklin Electric synthesized decades of pump manufacturing experience to build a tool that’s comprehensive and easy to use.

FE Select allows you to customize inputs based on your needs – from simple to complex parameters. A basic search requires only primary application data (such as flow and total dynamic head requirements) while a more advanced search will consider additional variables unique to your situation. For example: does the system need to be mobile or permanent? How far is the closest water source? Are there multiple duty points? Questions like these can factor into your search and help FE Select recommend a pump that best operates in the conditions your project requires.

Confidence: Get Critical Performance Curves & Technical Specs

All FE Select recommendations include system components, a complete price quote and important accompanying documents: performance curves, dimensional drawings, and detailed specifications of components. Since performance curves are critical to any pump specification, FE Select provides them with important details:

  • Both fixed and variable speed are represented on a single performance curve.
  • Performance curves for single or multi-pump systems where pumps are working in parallel configurations (this includes hydraulic load data at various duty points on the curve).
  • Assurance that the pump selection will be non-overloading throughout the curve.

This data allows you to evaluate your options more comprehensively andpresent a complete system solution to your clients.


Knowledge: Get Options You Might Not Have Considered

As pumping system technologies become more advanced, it can be challenging to keep up with new product innovations. FE Select will present all your options in one place. You can design a complete system beyond the pump, including motor, engine and controls as well as convenient switching devices (like pressure transducers and sensors).

For example, advancements and evolutions in both submersible and surface pumping systems have broadened the application potential for these systems. FE Select will help you see the performance difference offered between a submersible and surface pumping system, so you can better evaluate your options. If you’re expanding into more specialized or customized solutions that may be new to you or your customers, FE Select can help shorten the learning curve and provide more confidence in the opportunities available. For example, FE Select’s solar-specific tools present total package options including return on investment, peak run time and projected run time based on regional irradiance hours. You’ll be able to present this information to customers and help answer critical questions.



Efficiency: Collaboration & Documentation

FE Select allows you to save, access and keep critical details all in one place. You can build a project, save it, and add to it later if needed. This is helpful if you’re setting a budgetary baseline for the pumping system during the initial stages of project planning. It also gives you a foundation for determining the total project cost. If you work in a team environment, you can prepare specifications online and share the documentation with your internal and manufacturer partners for easier collaboration, input, and revisions. When revisions or tweaks are needed, it’s easy to do within a saved project.

When it’s time to present a written specification, your quoting package can include full submittal documentation that can be generated and saved for the future. This includes every aspect of NPSH, dimensional drawings, weights, electrical specs, and owner’s manual. Every single aspect of a pumping system that you need to understand can be listed in a comprehensive format. And, if timing and delivery are important, FE Select can show you estimated lead times. This can help with more accurate planning and timeline management.


As pumping system technologies evolve, so does the technology that helps you select a pumping system. FE Select gives you the confidence that you have selected the most efficient option within the pump’s recommended operating range. FE Select can help streamline the selection process, and it provides engineers with the tools needed to quickly present options to their customers.


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