An Undersized Pump Sewer Station Was Not Getting the Job Done

08/16/2023 | Case Study

Working alongside our distributor Reiner Pump Systems located in Stanhope, New Jersey, we provided equipment needed for a cost-effective and reliable upgrade to an outdated and underperforming sewer pump station system.

Customer Challenge

At least once a month, residents of a town home complex in the state of New Jersey saw a familiar site near their property: a septic truck unclogging their sewer pump system and cleaning out the well. The system, installed around 2012, used pumps originally engineered for single family homes was seriously underperforming for the 48-unit complex. The low pumping rate caused rags and solids to accumulate in the basin, requiring frequent vacuum truck pumping to keep the system operational. Downtime wasn’t the only issue; since the system was difficult to access without going into the well, the cost of emergency repairs and quarterly maintenance were adding up.


The Solution

The current system utilized four pumps - yet the number of pumps wasn't the problem: power and flow capacity were. With a limited capacity of 11 gallons per minute (GPM) of the pumps installed, Reiner knew the townhome complex needed something more robust; they needed pumps that could run 30 times a day, if necessary, and keep running. However, they also needed equipment that would be easier to service.

Reiner worked with a local contractor to devise a solution using Franklin Electric’s FPS IGP Series Grinder Pumps. Designed as a direct replacement for small horsepower progressive cavity and other centrifugal grinder systems, the 2 HP pumps could easily tackle larger jobs. With a max flow rate of up to 33 gallons per minute (GPM), the quadplex system was simplified to a triplex. These pumps were also designed for retrofit applications, allowing the owner to keep the existing basin and modify the controls. In addition, the pumps were installed on a guide rail. When routine maintenance is required, service techs can easily slide the pumps out of the well - saving time, money and streamlining the thankless job of pump cleaning. The highly efficient pumps also draw only 13.9 amps each at maximum power, delivering energy savings that far exceeded expectations.

The Results

Installed in 2018, the system, to-date, has never clogged. Monthly septic truck visits are now a thing of the past. Maintenance and emergency repair costs due to pump failure have been eliminated. Best of all, residents benefit from a reliable system that works day in and day out.

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