Solving a Capital City's Demanding Water Transfer Needs

08/11/2023 | Case Study

Franklin Electric worked with distributor Power Depot to quickly specify and install a reliable pumping solution that could effectively handle the high flow demands at one of Guadalajara’s Intermunicipal Water Services’ (SIAPA) most critical sites.

Customer Challenge

The Pump Station La Calera in Guadalajara, Mexico is tasked with pumping water from the local Lago Chapala river dam uphill towards a water treatment facility in Miravalle. The facility is a critical part of the Guadalajara metropolitan area’s infrastructure, and pumps the water required to serve nearly one million of the city’s residents.

The 50-year-old pumping station had been experiencing issues due to age. The facility utilized five pumps, and only one of those was fully operational. Given these demands, that pump was approaching the end of its service life. The pump was also prone to downtime due to debris entering the system. Crews were no longer able to efficiently maintain the pump – and the need for a new pump had become an emergency.

The municipality was able to view this recommendation, including accompanying performance curves, within FE Select and sign off on the quote within the tool, streamlining the selection process for both the municipality and the installer.



The Solution

Using FE SelectFranklin Electric’s online specifying tool – the distributor configured the 42FMC vertical lineshaft turbine from Franklin Electric’s FVT Series product offering. This pump offered the required 72 feet of head at 31,700 gallons per minute. Operating at 700 HP, the pump would deliver 76% efficiency at the application’s duty point. The unit’s enclosed impeller design would allow the pump to operate for years without adjustment – reducing the amount of maintenance the municipality was putting into servicing their current equipment. The Franklin Electric pump also offered extended performance capacity and is NSF/ANSI-61 certified for potable water. These features will help the municipality with anticipated growth and assures that the pump has been tested and validated by the most respected independent certification organizations globally.

In addition to addressing critical performance requirements, Franklin Electric worked with the distributor to identify additional installation considerations that would help the municipality boost pump reliability and decrease required maintenance. These recommendations included installing the pump with a specialized cage on the inlet to prevent large debris from entering the system.

The municipality was able to view this recommendation, including accompanying performance curves, within FE Select and sign off on the quote within the tool, streamlining the selection process for both the municipality and the installer.

The Results

After the installer placed the new 42” FVT Series pump, the municipality experienced immediate performance results. This overall positive experience combined with distributor support led the municipality to order a second pump. SIAPA anticipates replacing additional pumps with FVT Series pumps as funding becomes available.

Long-term, the municipality will not only benefit from reliable performance, but also reduced service and maintenance time and increased reliability – all critical factors for the growing urban area. Asking the right questions is the first step in selecting the right pump for your job and sizing a system that will work best for a client’s needs. Whether you need to spec an entire system or replace a single part, there are online tools and resources that put convenience at your fingertips.

FE Select is Franklin Electric’s industry-leading online tool that allows you to easily size, configure, price and quote systems. This digital tool allows you to input your performance requirements or specs, such as water flow and head requirements, input voltage and other electrical considerations, and generate a quote that includes downloadable assets including performance curves, dimensional drawings, and detailed specifications of components. The result is faster quoting and a more streamlined process for you and your customers.
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