Booster Pump Packages

Inline 1100 Constant Pressure System

Booster Pump Packages

Inline 1100 Constant Pressure System

The Inline 1100 is a constant pressure system built for both private wells and municipal/city water systems.


  • Homes on municipal/city or private well systems
  • Multi-family dwellings – duplexes, triplexes, and quads
  • Increased and constant water pressure from water storage/cistern systems
  • Sprinkler and water reclamation systems
  • General pressure boosting
  • CSA 108, UL 778, and NSF/ANSI 372 Certified
  • Maximum Water Temerature: 104 °F / 40 °C


Municipal/City Water Systems

Franklin now has an affordable answer for homeowners not satisfied with the water pressure they receive from their city water provider. The Inline 1100 is a simple, efficient product that provides pressure to every fixture all the time.

Private Well Systems

The Inline 1100 provides a constant pressure solution for homes with low-yielding wells, where storage tanks or cisterns are used.

Want to add a sprinkler system?

The Inline 1100 is versatile and can be used in place of the standard booster pump often needed for a sprinkler pump system. In addition to its weatherproof NEMA 4 electronics enclosure, the Inline 1100 will adjust the overall system pressure, allowing complete water coverage and shorter system run times.

Order Information

Constant Pressure Boosting System Model

Item Model Description
90401101 25SDIL1100N4 INLINE 1100 Constant Pressure System

Replacement Parts and Kits

Item Description
305707902 Replacement Pump-Motor Assembly for CP1100
305707903 Replacement Mounting Feet (set of 2, with hardware)
305707904 Fastener Kit for CP1100
305707905 Cable only, 2-wire x 5' long, for standard pressure sensor
305707907 Replacement VFD assembly for CP1100
305707909 Over-Pressure Cut-Off Switch only (no cable)
5850012000 Duplex Alternator for SubDrive/MonoDrive Systems
305707906 Pressure Sensor, standard pressure (factory set to 50 PSI)
14221002 Kit O-Ring (NBR) for 25LGIL1100N41 (Inline CP)
14222023 Kit Mechanical Seal for 25LGIL1100N41 (Inline CP)
14231001 Kit Ball Bearings for 25LGIL1100N41 (Inline CP)