ISS Industrial with SmartStart™ Motor Protection


ISS Industrial with SmartStart™ Motor Protection

The ISS with SmartStart™ is our innovative new starter, accepting 600VAC directly and up to a 40A load. With the smartstart of the ISS, gone are the days of discrete thermal overloads and worrying about contactor coil voltages. The days of distributors carrying thousands of dollars of the the wrong stock are over as well as call backs and mis-sizing issues.


Features & Benefits

  • Designed for ease of integration with automation systems
    • Comprehensive inputs/outputs for building management systems
    • Reduces installation costs
    • Increased energy savings
    • High reliability
  • SmartStart™ (patent pending) for superior motor protection
    • Electronic protection including locked rotor, cycle fault and maximum time to
      start (due to mis-sized motor or overload)
    • FLA out of calibration indication--ensures installer sets overload correctly
      based on calculated motor size
  • Advanced control inputs eliminate interposing relays
    • Three dry inputs for remote and two external pilot devices*
    • Two wet inputs (12-250VAC) for remote start and shutdown command
  • Fault logging retains critical information
    • Last 10 start conditions, including FLA setting, max inrush, run current, time to
      start, and safety start mode.
    • Factory retrievable
  • Universal application
    • Wide-range electronic overload eliminates call backs due to mis-sized heaters
    • Accepts up to 575V
  • UL Type 1, 4, and 3R enclosures
    • Lockable enclosure
    • 3R features lockable keypad cover
  • Start/Stop/Remote keypad with LED status indicators
    • Intuitive operation and control with start (manual run),
    • Stop, and Remote run modes
    • Type 4 enclosed starters feature a 3 position switch for
    • Start/Stop/Remote, and a Run Pilot Light
  • Combination versions include disconnect
    • Motor circuit protection disconnect provides short circuit protection
    • High interrupting ratings for maximum electrical system compatibility
    • No fuses required
    • Lockable handle for safety

Order Information

UL Type 1 - 200-600VAC

Item Maximum Current Branch Protection Included
ISS1-9-P-G1-6-40 1.6 A Yes
ISS1-9-P-G2-5-40 2.5 A Yes
ISS1-9-P-G4-40 4 A Yes
ISS1-9-P-G6-40 6 A Yes
ISS1-9-P-G8-40 8 A Yes
ISS1-9-P-40 9.6 A No
ISS1-18-P-G10-40 10 A Yes
ISS1-18-P-G13-40 13 A Yes
ISS1-18-P-G17-40 17 A Yes
ISS1-32-P-G22-40 22 A Yes
ISS1-18-P-40 22 A No
ISS1-32-P-G26-40 26 A Yes
ISS1-32-P-G32-40 28 A Yes
ISS1-40-P-G40-40 40 A Yes
ISS1-32-P-40 28 A No

UL Type 3R Model

Item Maximum Current Branch Protection Included
ISS3R-9-P-G1-6-40 1.6 A Yes
ISS3R-9-P-G2-5-40 2.5 A Yes
ISS3R-9-P-G4-40 4 A Yes
ISS3R-9-P-G6-40 6 A Yes
ISS3R-9-P-G8-40 8 A Yes
ISS3R-9-P-40 9.6 A No
ISS3R-18-P-G10-40 10 A Yes
ISS3R-18-P-G13-40 13 A Yes
ISS3R-18-P-G17-40 17 A Yes
ISS3R-32-P-G22-40 22 A Yes
ISS3R-18-P-40 22 A No
ISS3R-32-P-G26-40 26 A Yes
ISS3R-32-P-G32-40 28 A Yes
ISS3R-32-P-40 28 A No
ISS3R-40-P-G40-40 40 A Yes
ISS3R-40-P-40 40 A No

UL Type 4/12 Model

Item Maximum Current Branch Protection Included
ISS4-9-P-G1-6-40 1.6 A Yes
ISS4-9-P-G2-5-40 2.5 A Yes
ISS4-9-P-G4-40 4 A Yes
ISS4-9-P-G6-40 6.1 A Yes
ISS4-9-P-G8-40 8 A Yes
ISS4-9-P-40 9.6 A No
ISS4-18-P-G10-40 10 A Yes
ISS4-18-P-G13-40 13 A Yes
ISS4-18-P-G17-40 17 A Yes
ISS4-32-P-G22-40 22 A Yes
ISS4-18-P-40 22 A No
ISS4-32-P-G26-40 26 A Yes
ISS4-32-P-G32-40 28 A Yes
ISS4-32-P-40 28 A No
ISS4-40-P-G40-40 40 A Yes