ISS Industrial with START-STOP


ISS Industrial with START-STOP

The ISS motor starter with a Thermal Overload offers differential phase failure protection, ambient compensation & manual/automatic reset. The Combination version features a MCP disconnect to provide short circuit protection. The ISS Thermal Overload motor starter comes in different enclosure types for all environments with Start/Stop pushbuttons.


Features & Benefits

  • Everything you need is standard
    • Factory installed pilot devices on door, wired and ready to use
    • Solid-state electronics overload relay (Up to NEMA Size 3)
    • Lockable cover prevents tampering (Type 1 enclosure)
  • Quality Contruction
    • UL 508A Listed
    • NEMA rated contactors
    • 5-Year contactor warranty
  • Superior Motor Overload Protection
    • Phase loss and phase imbalance protection
    • Thermal models are ambient compensated -5º to 40ºC (23º to 104ºF)
    • Manual Reset
  • Combination Versions Include Disconnect
    • Motor Circuit Protector disconnect provides short circuit protection
    • High interrupting ratings for maximum electrical system compatibility
    • No fuses or breakers required
    • Lockable through the door handle for safety
  • Easy Installation
    • Flexible sizing makes ordering easy
    • UL Type 1 enclosure includes top and bottom knock-outs
    • Mount more starters in less space with our slim line case
    • High reliability: Up to 2.5 million contactor electrical cycles at full rated current

Order Information

UL Type 1 - 200-600VAC

Item Maximum Current Branch Protection Included
ISS1-50-J-G40-40M 40 A Yes
ISS1-50-J-40M 40 A No
ISS1-50-J-G50-80H 50 A Yes
ISS1-50-J-G50-80M 50 A Yes
ISS1-50-J-80M 50 A No
ISS1-50-J-80H 50 A No
ISS1-85-K-50M 50 A No
ISS1-85-J-G63-80H 63 A Yes
ISS1-85-J-G63-80M 63 A Yes
ISS1-85-K-65M 65 A No
ISS1-85-J-G75-80H 75 A Yes
ISS1-85-J-G75-80M 75 A Yes
ISS1-85-K-75M 75 A No

UL Type 3R - 200-600VAC

Item Maximum Current Branch Protection Included
ISS3R-50-J-G32-40M 32 A Yes
ISS3R-50-J-G40-40M 40 A Yes
ISS3R-50-J-G40-80M 40 A Yes
ISS3R-50-J-40M 40 A No
ISS3R-50-J-G50-80H 50 A Yes
ISS3R-50-J-G50-80M 50 A Yes
ISS3R-50-J-80H 50 A No
ISS3R-50-J-80M 52 A No
ISS3R-85-J-G63-80H 63 A Yes
ISS3R-85-J-G75-80H 75 A Yes
ISS3R-85-J-G75-80M 75 A Yes
ISS3R-85-J-G90-80H 80 A Yes
ISS3R-85-J-G90-80M 80 A Yes
ISS3R-85-J-80H 80 A No
ISS3R-85-J-80M 80 A No

UL Type 4/12 - 200-600VAC

Item Maximum Current Branch Protection Included
ISS12-50-J-G32-40M 32 A Yes
ISS12-50-J-G40-40H 40 A Yes
ISS12-50-J-G40-40M 40 A Yes
ISS12-50-J-40M 40 A No
ISS12-50-J-G50-80H 50 A Yes
ISS12-50-J-G50-80M 50 A Yes
ISS12-50-J-80M 52 A No
ISS12-85-J-G63-80M 63 A Yes
ISS12-85-K-G-63 63 A Yes
ISS12-85-J-G75-80H 75 A Yes
ISS12-85-J-G75-80M 75 A Yes
ISS12-85-J-G90-80H 80 A Yes
ISS12-85-J-G90-80M 80 A Yes
ISS12-85-J-80M 80 A No
ISS12-85-K-G-90 85 A Yes