Fhoton HR SolarPAK

Fhoton HR SolarPAK

The Fhoton™ HR SolarPAK features a helical rotor pump, to generate substantial water pressure at lower flows, providing water even during times of indirect sunlight. Since less energy is required, the Fhoton HR SolarPAK utilizes a minimum number of solar panels, making it ideal for applications with flexible water volume requirements.

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Specs & Accessories
  • The Fhoton™ SolarPAK includes:

    • Franklin Electric 4" submersible motor
    • Franklin Electric 4" helical rotor submersible pump
    • Fhoton™ Solar controller

    Solar World Panels

    • Available upon request
    • Current solar panel wattage is 290 watts
    • For more information on solar panel kits, see the Specs & Accessories tab


    • 4" NEMA standard construction dimensions
    • Flex-shaft that allows for minimal radial wear to the motor
    • Proprietary software provides increased dry-run and low-flow protection without the need for external devices
    • Legendary 4" Franklin Electric motor
    • Built-in waffer style check valve
    • Pump upthrust washer serves as additional shaft protection from excessive wear in the event of reversed rotation
    • Serviceability by pump and motor detaching when needed
    • Greater flexibility in performance with wider range of input voltages (up to 300 V DC)
    • Unique Fhoton drive algorithm provides increased starting torque levels to maximize the available sun power
    • NSF-approved silicon grease provided for added motor spline protection
  • NPT

    SolarPakFhoton™ Solar ControllerSolar Pump (NPT)Motor
    HR SolarPak ModelOrder No.Drive ModelPart No.GPMSolar PumpPart No.HPPart No.
    3FDSP-0.75HP-HR90140314FD Solar 0.75HP N4581013000864-SPIP000310SL07S4-HRXB8300125040.752349029204GS
    7FDSP-0.75HP-HR90140714FD Solar 0.75KW N4581013000864-SPIP001725SL07S4-HRXB8300125020.752349029204GS
    • Optional Flow Switch (NPT) - Part number 226014102
    • Motors shown above include an individual conductor lead installed in the motor
    • All pumps included in Fhoton HR SolarPaks are supplied with an internal check valve


    SolarPakFhoton™ Solar ControllerSolar Pump (BSPP)Motor
    HR SolarPak ModelOrder No.Drive ModelPart No.LPMSolar PumpPart No.kWPart No.
    10FDSP-0.55KW-HR90130314FD Solar 0.55KW N4581013000864-SPIP0001010SL07S4-HRXB8300086240.552349029204GS
    25FDSP-0.55KW-HR90130714FD Solar 0.55KW N4581013000864-SPIP0012525SL07S4-HRXB8300086610.552349029204GS
    • Optional Flow Switch (BSPP) - Part Number 226014101
    • Motors shown above include an individual conductor lead installed in the motor
    • All pumps included in Fhoton HR SolarPaks are supplied with an internal check valve
  • Fhoton HR PMA DImensions

    USGPMLPMHPkWABCDischargePE WeightPMA Weight


    Model No.Description
    581114204AC/DC Power Converter
    226944901Mounting Bracket
    581COMM-APPWi-Fi Module

    Fhoton Solar Controller Dimesions

    Fhoton™ Solar ControllerFor use with pumpMotor ratingInput Voltage*

    Controller size, in (mm)
    581013000864-SPIP000HR 3GPM 3/4HP (10LPM 0.55kW)3/4HP (0.55kW), 100V 60Hz 3ph45-300VDC6.28 (159.5)6.28 (159.5)7.32 (185.93)
    581013000864-SPIP001HR 7GPM 3/4HP (25LPM 0.55kW)3/4HP (0.55kW), 100V 60Hz 3ph45-300VDC6.28 (159.5)6.28 (159.5)7.32 (185.93)
    • *45 and 115Vdc for the 0.55 kW and 1.1 kW models respectively should not be interpreted as an adequate rate PV array output voltage for any installation.
    • See the Solar Array Specifications and System Sizing program for indication of adequate array voltage to provide useful pumping capability.

    SolarWorld Panel Specifications

    Performance STC/NOCT260 W*265 W*275 W*280 W*285 W*290 W*
    MAX POWER (WMPP)260 W194.2 W265 W197.8 W275 W205 W280 W209.2 W285 W213.1 W290 W217.1 W
    MAX POWER VOLTAGE (VMPP)30.7 V28.1 V30.8 V28.2 V39.4 V36.1 V31.2 V28.5 V31.3 V28.7 V31.4 V28.8 V
    OPEN CIRCUIT VOLTAGE (VOC)38.9 V35.6 V39.0 V35.7 V31.0 V28.4 V39.5 V36.1 V39.7 V36.4 V39.9 V36.6 V
    • * Due to the nature of the solar panel industry, improvements in solar panel technology, construction and efficiency occur on a regular basis. Because of this the solar panel modules included in the solar array kits are also subject to change. This may occur without notification. Contact Franklin Electric for more detail on the current offering.
    • Note: All panel warranty determinations will be made by the panel manufacturer's standard warranty process. The panel warranty from our current supplier is a 25-year linear performance warranty and a 10-year warranty on materials and workmanship. Manufacturer warranty terms are subject to change without notice.

    SolarWorld Panels (Modules and Top of Pole Mount)

    Order No.FE Description

    SolarWorld Panels (Modules Only)

    No. of ModulesOrder No.FE Description

    SolarWorld Panels (Panels Only)

    No. of ModulesOrder No.FE Description
    30305709050*Solar World SW-290 Mono, 30
    13057090281-SP-HWTP SW 290

    Solar Panel Kits: Recommended Steel Mounting Pole Sizes

    No. of Panels12346891012
    Pole size2"3"4"4"6"6"8"8"8"
    • Note: Do not use PVC.
    • Solar panel purchases will ship collect or prepaid and charge.