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Now Available: New 9-Inch STS Series Submersible Turbine Pump


Franklin Electric is pleased to announce the addition of the 9-inch STS Series Submersible Turbine Pump to further expand the breadth of the proven STS Series product family, which also includes 5-inch, 6-inch, and 8-inch models.Franklin Electric 9In STS Series Front

Product Features
The 9-inch STS will be offered in 600, 1050, and 1200 gpm flow ratings with the following key features:

  • Premium materials of construction for longer life and higher pressures
  • Spiral cutlass rubber intermediate bearings designed for harsh environments
  • 416 stainless steel pump shaft ground and polished for maximum durability
  • Investment cast stainless steel impellers for superior performance
  • Custom bearing and shaft configurations available
  • Abrasive resistant hydraulic design to keep debris away from critical operating areas
  • Dual discharge allows for flexibility between 6-inch and 8-inch drop pipe 
  • Premium glass-lined bowls for increased efficiency and abrasion resistance

The STS Series product family is ideal for irrigation, agricultural, industrial, commercial, or municipal water pumping applications. It offers flows from 60 to 1600 gpm and a total dynamic head up to 2300 feet. Each pump features premium materials of construction, including ductile iron motor brackets, ductile iron discharges, cast 304 stainless steel impellers, robust spiral cutlass rubber intermediate bowl bearings, and copper bismuth bronze discharge and motor bracket bearings.

For more information on the 9-Inch STS Series and/or to quote it with FE Select, click here.

New Video — The Value of Solar Water Pumping


Solar power continues to grow exponentially as an alternative energy source, and the truth is, most places around the world have more than enough sunlight to run a solar water pumping system. With the growing popularity, solar panels are more cost effective than ever and there is an immediate value of installing these highly efficient systems. This new video shows how Franklin Electric can be your solar water pumping partner for a variety of applications, including: livestock watering, tank/cistern filling, wildlife refuge and game farms, rural water supply for villages and homesteads, irrigation systems, fountains, vineyards, renewable energy projects, effluent pumping, rain harvesting, and more. We provide a complete package of:Solar Video Picture (1)

  • Panels
  • Pumps
  • Motors
  • Controllers

When choosing Franklin Electric, you receive the industry’s leading Field Service Engineers to help make the installation process simple. Check out the new video to see how Franklin Electric and solar water pumping may be a new opportunity for you.

Watch the video.

Now Available: New Fhoton™ HR SolarPAK Option


Franklin Electric is pleased to announce the addition of helical rotor pumps to the Fhoton™ SolarPAK product family. This additional style of pump, generates substantial water pressure using a minimum number of solar Franklin Electric Fhoton Helical Rotor Solar PAK - Frontpanels, providing the Fhoton SolarPAK family a solution for applications with flexible volume requirements. Applications include supplying water to holding tanks for use in livestock watering, rural water supply supplementation, small irrigation systems, and remote cabins.

Product Features

  • Four-inch NEMA standard construction dimensions
  • Flex-shaft that allows for minimal radial wear
  • Proprietary software provides increased dry-run and low-flow protection without requiring additional external devices
  • Legendary four-inch Franklin Electric motor
  • Built-in wafer style check valve
  • Pump upthrust washer serves as additional shaft protection from excessive wear
  • Serviceability by pump and motor detaching when needed
  • Greater flexibility in performance with a wider range of input voltages (up to 300 VDC)
  • Unique Fhoton drive algorithm provides increased starting torque levels to maximize the available sun power
  • NSF-approved silicon grease provided for added motor spline protection

For more information about the Fhoton HR SolarPAK, click here.

Now Available: New SubMonitor Connect Provides Motor Protection & Enhanced Troubleshooting Proficiency


Franklin Control Systems is pleased to announce the official launch of SubMonitor Connect. This electronic motor protector offers a 32-character backlit NEMA 4X wash-down rated screen mounted on the front of the panel that allows for safe viewing conditions even when the motor is running.Franklin Electric Submonitor Connect

The new SubMonitor Connect platform provides enhanced capabilities of real date and time-stamped system monitoring to improve troubleshooting while protecting three-phase motor and pump systems. It protects against damage due to a variety of adverse conditions, such as low flow wells, clogging, bound pumps, and poor or unreliable power. New application-based basic setup enables contractors to get up and running quickly while ensuring their motor is still protected. Utilizing the innovative FE Connect mobile technology app, contractors can easily monitor systems status live, complete basic or advanced setup, save commonly used setups for later use, and view/send fault history through the convenience of Bluetooth connectivity.

Product Features:

  • Electronic overload motor protection for systems ranging from 1 to 700 hp, or those that require up to 1000 amps
  • Real-time and date-stamped fault logging 
    • Pre-programmed
    • 10-year battery backup
    • Fault history of 150 occurrences
  • Application-based setup 
  • Automation ready – advanced pump control 
  • Provides protection against arc flash
  • Offers 1 percent power metering that eliminates the need for an additional meter while providing communication with building management systems to track energy costs and motor status
  • Heavy-duty industrial-grade construction
  • FE Connect mobile app

For more information on the SubMonitor Connect and/or to quote it with FE Select, click here.

Product Update: Convertible VersaJet and VersaJet PRO Now Offered Fully Assembled


Convertible VersaJet Photo.jpgFranklin Electric is excited to introduce fully assembled options of the Convertible VersaJet (CVJ) and Convertible VersaJet Pro (CVJ PRO). Although no single pump can meet all applications, the Convertible VersaJet and Convertible VersaJet Pro come close. Each model can be configured with a variety of pressure and flow choices in both shallow and deep set installations. In addition, four different suction flange options make this pump the contractor’s choice of those tough replacement jobs. Order numbers have remained the same.

Note: We will continue to offer our modular CVJ and CVJ PRO options in addition to the fully assembled units. For more information pertaining to ordering details for the modular options, please refer to pages 11 and 15 in the RLC Surface Catalog. To order the fully assembled pumps, please continue to use the order information found on pages eight and 12 of the RLC Surface Catalog.

New Video - Our Enhanced Key Dealer Program


Recently, we enhanced the Key Dealer Program to improve the overall contractor experience with Franklin Electric.Key Dealer Video Specifically, the new program:

  1. Helps Key Dealers distinguish themselves from their competition
  2. Provides Key Dealers with a simple way to market their business 
  3. Empowers Key Dealers to grow their business the way they want to

To best explain these enhancements, click here to view our new quick-hitter, 2-minute video.

In addition, the new Key Dealer Website is a more user friendly, valuable tool for Key Dealers. Information is concise and simple to understand, and by signing in contractors will have access to a wealth of information exclusive to them as a Key Dealer. New program services can also be implemented through this same site, making it truly a one-stop-shop for Key Dealers! Click here to visit the new Key Dealer Website today.


SubDrive Connect Now Available with Surface Pump Functionality


As part of our commitment to innovation and continuous improvement, Franklin Electric is excited to announce the addition of surface pump functionality to the SubDrive Connect product family. This standard product upgrade provides basic and advanced setup methods to achieve constant pressure from compatible surface pumps, including the Franklin Electric VR Series, MH Series, BT4 Series, and DDS Series pumps.SD Connect Graphic

Product Features

  • Support for 230 V three-phase surface pumps with overload current ratings from 2.0 A to 17.8 A
  • Basic DIP switch settings allow for easy setup of overload current, system response, and a lower minimum frequency setting
  • Advanced settings using the FE Connect mobile app allow for a customized system response and fine tuning of motor overload current, frequency range, and pump priming delay

Drive model, order numbers, and pricing are NOT changing as part of this running product upgrade. Drives with surface pump functionality may be identified by the V2.0.0 or later firmware version noted on the shipping carton label.

For more information about SubDrive Connect, click here.

Franklin Solar Pumping System the Solution for Children in Poverty-Stricken Kenya


Greg Burns is a very successful businessman, dabbling in everything from designing and building specialized equipment for turbine engines to sheet metal production manufacturing and laser cutting. But, one of the efforts that he takes the most pride in is his charitable efforts for an organization called Bridge Ministries. By late 2017, Burns will have used the Franklin Electric SubDrive SolarPAK water pumping system through this organization to produce all domestic water needs for 130 kids at the OneLife Africa educational facility in poverty-stricken Kenya. In addition, the system will pump water that will be given to poor families in the community, while the rest will be sold Greg Burns Photo _1to nearby communities that can afford it, with all of the funds received going toward the operating expenses for the facility.

“Picking the SubDrive SolarPAK Was Easy”
The construction of the Kenyan OneLife Africa facility is located in an area without water and electricity. “We drilled a well 800 feet deep and 6 inches in diameter, and our operators said we needed a generator that would cost about $15,000 originally, but then cost about $75 per day in fuel,” remembers Burns. “I knew there had to be a more cost-effective way. So, I worked with my distributor and we designed the whole system around the Franklin hardware. The quote was excellent and it actually allowed us to double our panel capacity so we can generate electricity for other uses. Picking the Franklin Electric SubDrive SolarPAK was easy. Keeping it safe in a third world country is the hard part, so we built a container to protect it. I’m very impressed with the Franklin controller, especially how it pauses every 8 minutes for just a few seconds to analyze the power it has available. It then fires up again and makes fine adjustments to the rate of delivery. I’m impressed with the quality and how efficient the system is working. On cloudy days, I was worried about the production. We had some cloudy days with limited sunlight during simulation, and it was pretty impressive how it slowed down the rate to accommodate the sunlight. This keeps it from turning off and on all the time, minimizing wear and tear on the pump. Plus, this allows it to deliver water almost all the time.”

The Application
In Kenya, kids have 10 months between high school and college, which often creates financial and nutritional difficulty. This OneLife Africa facility provides education, a home, and food and water to these kids so they can bridge the gap to college. With 130 kids scheduled to be at the facility, Bridge Ministries is employing solar panels that pull 8200 watts – half of this wattage will run a 3hp, 10 gpm Franklin Electric pump and motor for domestic
water use while the rest allows for the charging of batteries and provides power for the school. All water is being pumped into a 10,000-gallon water tower overhead.

Simulation Time
Being so far away, a system simulation depicting the Kenyan climate as closely as possible could help ease Burns’ anxiety. “Since we’ve never fired up the pump, we didn’t want to get there and not understand how everything works. So we simulated the pump running at 325 PSI as it will run there. We submersed the pump in a barrel of water and at the outlet of the pump we installed a pressure relief valve adjustable up to 325 PSI. That represents more than the 700 feet required in Kenya. We were able to raise the water temperature to 110 degrees during our simulation which mimics the water well temperature in Kenya. We had a flow meter put on the outlet of the pump. We changed the angle of the solar array so we could simulate different angles of sunlight and pumped into the evening. That gave us a good idea of what we would see in Kenya. The end result was a water pumping system that will meet 100% of our needs.”

Franklin’s Reputation Spoke For Itself
Being in a third world country 800 feet deep requires the ultimate security in what you’re putting in the ground. Burns knew he needed something he could trust. “Franklin is a known commodity. It’s a well-established name. I was concerned about going to a remote place on the planet, being 12,000 miles from my home and having technical issues. It’s critical that we have a great product given all of the logistics it takes for us to get to a place like this on the planet. A lot of money is tied up in getting there, so we needed a reputable company. Franklin Electric is that company.”

For more information on Bridge Ministries and OneLife Africa, click here.
For more information about the Franklin Electric SubDrive SolarPAK System, click here.

Now Available: New SSR Series Submersible Pumps


We are pleased to announce the launch of our new SSR Series Submersible Pumps featuring a strapped stamped stainless steel design. Offered through a select group of distribution partners to meet the Franklin Electric SSR Series Pump - Groupdemanding pumping challenges in large residential, agricultural, industrial, and municipal applications, the SSR Series combines the robust and efficient features of the SR Series proven in the market today with an innovative mechanical design that allows for fast delivery time from distributors to contractors. The SSR Series can be built in both mixed flow and radial flow models. Distributors can build these high-performing yet cost-effective pumps on demand, often allowing for same-day availability.

Product Features
The SSR Series is offered in flows of 100, 150, 250, and 325 gpm at a maximum of 1,400 feet of head and feature:

  • Stainless steel impellers and diffusers to resist corrosion
  • PTFE floating wear ring, ceramic bearing journal, and Nitrile rubber fluted bearing ensure durability against wear for long-lasting performance and reliability
  • Suited for operation in vertical or horizontal orientations
  • Four-strap design reduces irregular compression loading
  • Built-in check valve to protect the pump against water hammer
  • Energy-efficient hydraulic design for cost-effective operation
  • Fully serviceable mechanical design

For more information on the SSR Series and/or to quote it with FE Select, click here.

Inline 400 Enhancements: Now Rated as NEMA 3R Outdoor System


Inline 400 - Outdoor Rated - CutawayWe recently introduced two new upgrades to the Inline 400 Pressure Boosting System. Although these changes are small, with no effect to the overall performance or function of the product, we are excited about the positive impact and new application possibilities these changes will have for customers. Beginning immediately (products with a 16L date code/Serial Number prefix), the Inline 400 will come standard with:

  • A clear protective rain cover: This durable poly-carbonate cover protects the control head when installed vertically outdoors. By adding this UV-resistant cover to the control head, a NEMA 3R rainproof rating is achieved in all vertical installations. Because this cover is clear, it can remain in place, yet still allow the owner to read the overall system status LED indicators. Using Velcro, the cover is held securely in place, but is quickly removed if any changes are required to the internal electronic control systems. Note: Horizontal installations will continue to be approved for INDOOR use only. 
  • Standard 1.25-inch male NPT thread connection fittings: These new connections allow for hassle-free installations that are quick, strong, and leak free.

For more information about the Inline 400, click here.
To see our general Inline 400 YouTube video, click here.