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Now Available: SubDrive Utility QuickPAKs


FE Subdrive Utility Angled Right Hero With ShadowFranklin Electric’s SubDrive Utility™ Variable Frequency Drive converts 2-wire conventional submersible pumping systems, up to 1.5 hp, into constant water pressure systems in both 115 V and 230 V applications. In addition to being offered as a standalone unit, SubDrive Utility is now available in a SubDrive Utility QuickPAK featuring the drive and a Franklin Electric pump and motor designed and tested to work together at peak efficiencies all in one box. This product bundle makes sizing simple and saves time for both the contractor and distributor.

Ordering Information

Subdrive Utility Quickpaks Now Available 


  1. QuickPAKs listed in the Ordering Information are supplied with a pressure switch-controlled SubDrive Utility, item number 5870202003.
  2. Pricing information may also be found in the Packaged Systems Price List (M2145) on page 1.

For more information about the SubDrive Utility, click here.

Product Update: Standardization on Sand Fighter Construction, 6-Inch Submersible Motors


To better achieve Franklin Electric’s Key Factors of Success, with focus on Availability and Quality, we have 6In Standard Well Motorstandardized our product offering for 6-inch submersible motors. We have discontinued production and stocking of water well construction, 6-inch submersible motors in favor of Sand Fighter® construction, 6-inch submersible motors.

Standardization Details

  • Production of 6-inch water well construction models ceased on April 2, 2018, and the remaining inventory will be offered for sale until stock is depleted. 
  • Stocking levels of replacement shaft seals (Order No. 305426002) will be maintained for field repair for five years. 
  • No pricing changes to the Sand Fighter models will be implemented with this update. 
  • Sand Fighter models are equipped with Franklin Electric’s exclusive Sand Fighter sealing system for sand or other abrasives that provides superior performance in all applications. 
  • SubTrol™ heat sensor is standard on Volt-X Sand Fighter models. 

If you have questions concerning the conversion to Sand Fighter construction, 6-inch submersible pumps, please contact your local Territory Manager, Field Service Engineer, or the Franklin Electric Technical Service Hotline at 800.348.2420.

Product Enhancement: 1 hp 15 gpm Tri-Seal and Series V


Our 1 hp, 15 gpm Tri-Seal and Series V pump ends now have an additional stage to enhance performance at no additional cost. Below is a performance curve so you can physically see the improvement.

If you have questions, please visit or contact your local Territory Manager, Field Service Engineer, or the Franklin Electric Technical Service Hotline at 800.348.2420.

 Seal Seriesv Performance Comparison (1)

Product Update: Enhancements to Surge Protection Adder Options


After evaluating surge protection options for Franklin Electric Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs), the size of the surge protectors has been increased to allow for corner-grounded delta, as well as other 3-phase supplies. This change will prevent incorrectly sizing a surge protection adder, which could result in nuisance tripping and surge protector damage. The options will now allow the following maximum voltage before surge protection is provided:

Smartstart Pump Starters

Smartstart Pump Starters (1)

SubMonitor ConnectTM Starters

Submonitor Connect Starters

P-Series VFDs

Pseries Vfds

*NOTE: There is currently no surge protection option for corner-grounded delta 575-600 VAC systems.

Ordering Information

Ordering Information

For more information about Franklin Electric starters and VFDs, click here.

Up To Speed: When Reversing The Leads Doesn’t Reverse Rotation


Up To Speed Graphic Thin VersionUp To Speed is a concise, technical blog compiled by industry veteran Mark Reeder. It provides an interesting fact, answers a thought-provoking question, or offers a cliffhanger from an actual site visit by one of our world-class Field Service Engineers.

“3-phase Franklin Electric submersible motors, as with most 3-phase motors, do not care which way they rotate. Clockwise or counterclockwise, it’s the same to them and the motor will deliver the same amount of power in either direction.

However, pumps do care. They are designed to rotate in one direction and one direction only. When a pump spins in the wrong direction, the falloff in performance is dramatic. Of course, simply reversing two of any of the three motor leads on a 3-phase motor will reverse the direction of rotation and correct the pump performance. But, please note:

  1. This doesn’t apply to single-phase motors. 
  2. Keep in mind that we said reversing or interchanging any two leads, not rotating. We rotate the motor leads to check the 3-phase balance. We reverse two of the three leads to change rotation.Rotation

What about using a 3-phase motor with a 3-phase variable frequency drive (VFD)? There’s 3-phase coming into the drive and 3-phase going out to the motor. What happens when we reverse any two leads of the 3-phase input? The answer: absolutely nothing. The reason: inside a VFD, that incoming AC gets converted and stored as DC. From here, the VFD then synthesizes its own variable frequency 3-phase output. So, reversing the leads on the input side will change nothing in terms of motor and pump rotation. To change motor and pump rotation, we must reverse any two motor leads on the output side of the drive.3 Phase Motor

Seems to make sense, but we’ve seen the following scenario more than once in the field:

  1. A pump is not even close to matching its curve.
  2. The drive’s output frequency (and therefore motor RPM) is verified as correct.
  3. To correct rotation, the drive’s input leads are reversed.
  4. There’s no change in performance and the conclusion is drawn that the pump must be defective.

It’s easy to see how this could happen, and unfortunately sometimes the pump gets pulled for no reason. It’s only after the motor leads were interchanged on the output side that everything falls into place, thereby generating that ‘hard lesson learned’ moment.”

Now, you’re up to speed.

Now Available: Enhanced Economy Pump Starter (EPS)


The enhanced Franklin Electric Economy Pump Starter (EPS) provides a simple and dependable starting option with a wide electronic overload range that meets submersible standards for overload protection. Offered exclusively throughFranklin Electric EPS Starter Open Door water systems distributors for agricultural and industrial applications, the EPS accepts 200-600 VAC while covering submersible systems between five and 60 horsepower in just three models.

Features and Benefits

  • Available with a NEMA 3R enclosure for indoor and outdoor use or a cost-effective NEMA 1 enclosure with a smaller footprint for better installation flexibility
  • Its circuit breaker with easy-to-replace components eliminates the need to replace burnt fuses
  • True plug-and-play design
  • Compatible with single- and three-phase products
  • CSA and UL approved
  • Includes a dry contact auto-run input and fault relay output

For more information about the enhanced EPS, click here.

Up To Speed: Is A Clean Air Filter Really That Important?


Up To Speed Graphic Thin VersionUp To Speed is a concise, technical blog compiled by industry veteran Mark Reeder. It provides an interesting fact, answers a thought-provoking question, or offers a cliffhanger from an actual site visit by one of our world-class Field Service Engineers.

“This week’s post comes from a recent site visit to a large dairy operation by one of Franklin Electric’s Field Service Engineers.

The reported issue was with a Franklin Electric P-Series Variable Frequency Drive that had only recently started to 2017 Permanent Magnet Motor Video Shoot Trip 252underperform. In the case of a water system, underperforming almost always means ‘we’re not getting enough water’. Troubleshooting over the phone had already been attempted to no avail. The system was still delivering water, but when the system was installed, the dairy operation was getting a lot more. So, the mystery was, what changed? Had the well water level dropped? Had the pump become damaged somehow? Was there a restriction in the system?

The answer turned out to be none of the above. Nothing had changed, including operation in a very dusty, windy environment from the beginning.

Most mechanical things need cooling. Your truck engine needs so much cooling that it has a separate system (radiator) just to keep it cool. Electric motors and variable frequency drives are no exception and many are air cooled with one or more fans. To keep dust and dirt out of the drive, there’s an air filter. At this point, you probably have guessed that the issue was a very dirty, clogged fan filter.

Here’s the Good News…

The P-Series, like most drives, protects itself when it comes to heat. Much like you and I, if it gets too hot, it slows down. That’s exactly what this unit was doing. Over several days, the drive had backed itself down to 55 Hz (about 3100 RPM) versus its regular 60 Hz (about 3400 RPM). When a drive protects itself like this, it greatly reduces the amount of current in the unit and therefore the amount of heat that is internally generated. So, the system was still delivering some water, but at the same time, protecting itself from heat damage.

Here’s an example where everything was working just as it should. The filter was doing its job, the drive was doing its job, and pump and motor were doing their job. Everything was just running slower. Once the filter was cleaned, everything worked just like it did at the initial installation.

In the end, something did change … performance was restored and the dairy’s operations supervisor now checks and cleans the filter once a week.”

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Now Available: 1 hp Aeration System


Franklin Electric now offers the Little Giant® Aeration System in both ½ and 1 horsepower models, providing multiple options for contractors to improve the beautification and biological health of larger-sized bodies of water.

Features and BenefitsLittle Giant Aeration System1

  • Ready to use out of the box as an all-in-one package that includes the float, aerator, and a proven Franklin Electric submersible motor
  • Moves up to 800 gpm to aerate up to 1 full acre of water, making unit sizing very simple
  • Features a 150-foot cord for added placement flexibility
  • Maintains its simple design without bolts or screws to minimize installation time
  • Additional applications: decorative bodies of water, water agitation, ice prevention, and mixing

Optional Conversion Kit
One unique feature of the Aeration System is its ability to quickly transform into an attractive fountain display. An optional conversion kit includes the pump head, nozzle stem, and multiple fountain nozzles that are interchangeable between both the ½ and 1 horsepower models. With the easy installation of your selected fountain nozzle, the system provides up to five different spraying patterns – known as the Sonata, Cantata, Concerto, Staccato, and Crescendo – appealing to any aesthetic preference with average spray heights from eight to 15 feet and average spray widths from 14 to 30 feet.

Click here to see the Aeration System video, or click here for more information about the product.

Up To Speed: AIM App – How It Can Simplify Your Life


Up To Speed Graphic Thin VersionUp To Speed is a concise, technical blog compiled by industry veteran Mark Reeder. It provides an interesting fact, answers a thought-provoking question, or offers a cliffhanger from an actual site visit by one of our world-class Field Service Engineers.

“As you hopefully have seen recently, we have launched the AIM App. It’s taken literally hundreds of lines of cable sizing and submersible motor data and put it all in the palm of your hand. I want to dig a little deeper into how it works and why it can be of value you to you on every job.

Let’s start with submersible motor data: the app contains all the single- and 3-phase information found in the Franklin Electric Application, Installation, and Maintenance (AIM) Manual. Maximum loads, winding resistances, power consumption by motor, it’s all there.

To make it even more convenient, there are two ways to get to this information:

  1. You can simply enter the first six digits of the motor model number. For example, model number 244504; instantly, there’s everything you need to know about that motor. AIM App 1
  2. You can also go from the opposite direction and Search By Rating. Enter single- or 3-phase, 2-wire or 3-wire, motor size, horsepower, and voltage; then select Search. In an instant, you’ll have the same information as above.AIM App 2

Perhaps even more powerful is the Cable Selection Calculator. Like motor specifications, it has all the cable information (both single- and 3-phase). It has over 13,000 entries in one place. The process is highly intuitive. FromAIM App 3 either the single- or 3-phase screen, enter the motor horsepower, voltage, cable length, and voltage drop limit (3% or 5%). Hit Calculate and you are done.

Finally, one of the AIM App’s slickest features comes from one of the more common questions we receive on our Technical Service Hotline: ‘How do I size cable when I’ve got two different sizes or types?’ With the AIM App, it’s never been easier.

Download The App Today

None of this happens without the app. You can download it on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Of course, it’s absolutely free.

And our Technical Service Hotline is always here when you need to talk to someone in person about your technical questions. Just dial (800) 348-2420 or go to the app and it will dial directly for you.”

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New Video: MagForce Permanent Magnet Motor System


The newly released 6-inch MagForce™ Permanent Magnet Motor System is already making a huge impact in the field. But don’t just take our word for it. Check out this video where multiple contractors and end users talk about the many benefits it’s already providing them.

Watch the video.

Magforce Video