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VFD Start-Up for Submersible Pumps: Video


A visual guide for basic wiring and programming the P Series VFD using FastApp™ firmware

FastApp application based commissioning makes start-up easier than ever. Select your application and the parameters are automatically adjusted based on industry standards.

Happy Holidays



Franklin Electric would like to thank you for your business and continued support this holiday season.

We wish you a very happy holiday and successful New Year!

North American Water Systems Holiday Hours

Technical Service Hotline

December 25th Closed
January 1st Closed

Customer Service:

Dec 24th Closed at noon CST
Dec. 25th Closed
Dec. 27th & Dec. 30th Normal Operation
Dec 31st Closed at noon CST
Jan 1st Closed
Jan 2nd Normal Operation

Bolton FranklinTECH Schedule


Franklin Electric is pleased to announce the 2013-2014 class schedules for FranklinTECH at our Bolton, Ontario facility. This seminar series is designed to provide water systems professionals with interactive classroom and hands-on training.

Date   Topic
Nov, 19th and 20th 2013   English Basic and Advanced Drives (submersible motor design and construction; overview of control and protection devices; application and troubleshooting; basic electricity and use of meters; general theory and design of Variable Frequency Drives; application and troubleshooting with drives) This class qualifies for Key Dealer Basic and Advanced Drives certification.
Jan, 14th and 15th 2014   English Industrial & Irrigation (Centrifugal pump theory and design; sizing of pumps and use of pump curves; three phase controls and protection; large drives; application and troubleshooting) This class qualifies for Key Dealer Basic and Advanced I&I certification.
Jan, 28th and 29th 2014   French Basic and Advanced Drives
Feb, 26th and 27th 2014   English Basic and Advanced Drives
Mar, 12th and 13th 2014   French Basic and Advanced Drives
Mar 26th and 27th 2014   English Industrial & Irrigation

Classes include hands-on training, product demonstrations, instruction on the use of meters, and all support materials for the session. All FranklinTECH courses qualify for certification within the scope of our Franklin Certified Contractor program, based on an individual’s eligibility.

Session Start 8:30 am
Lunch (provided) Noon
Session Ends 4:30 pm (approximately)

FranklinTECH courses are open to professional water systems distributors, contractors, and installers. There is no charge for attendance, but classes are limited to the first 20 who register. To register, please contact Cathy Pinarello by telephone at 1-888-885-8637, or by email at For more information, please contact your Franklin Territory Manager.

SolarPAK Panel Kits Now Available


Franklin Electric is happy to announce the addition of Solar Panel Kits to accompany the SolarPAK line of solar powered submersible pumping systems.

The offering includes two solar module array kits:

  1. Top-of-pole mount kits
  2. Solar module only, contractor supplied mount, kits.

To make ordering and installation easy, all kits include:

  • Solar panels modules
  • Ground wire and bonding equipment
  • Square-D 600 Volt, 30 Amp, NEMA 3R DC-Rated disconnect switch
  • Connection wire for use between the solar panels and the DC disconnect
  • Connection wire for use between the DC disconnect and the SubDrive Solar control unit
  • Galvanized ground rod and clamps
  • Mechanical layout of the panel structure

The Solar Panel Kits sell sheet can be downloaded from the solar website, or via the link below. The website also includes links to the SolarPAK catalog, owner’s manual, and our web-based solar sizing software. This software will help you select the proper system solution based off your location and specific duty requirements. Be sure to check back often for updates.

To learn more about Franklin Electric’s solar pumping systems, please contact your local territory sales manager or a Franklin Electric customer service representative.

SolarPAK Downloads

Franklin Electric Releases Vertical Multi-stage Pumps


VR-Baldor-Pumps_FinalFranklin Electric’s VR Series, stainless steel vertical multi-stage pumps feature an innovative hydraulic design, superior efficiency and a heavy duty bearing designed to virtually eliminate axial and other moving part adjustments while utilizing industry standard motors. The VR Series is designed to deliver clean water under pressure with temperatures ranging from -5 °F to 250 °F for a multitude of commercial and industrial applications.

All models are constructed with 316 stainless steel for superior corrosion resistance, ease of installation, and to meet or exceed municipalities’ pure water requirements. Available in flow ratings include: 8 to 60 gpm, .75 to 10 hp delivering up to 750’ TDH, in 50/60 Hz.

The VR Series is ideal for use in many applications, including:

  • Water supply and pressure boosting
  • Water treatment
    • Reverse-osmosis
  • Light industry
    • Wash down and circulation systems
    • Process water
  • Irrigation and farming
    • Golf courses
    • Ball parks
    • Municipal parks
  • Heating, ventilation and air-conditioning
    • Boiler feeds
  • Fire suppression systems

Additional offerings such as the BT4 and MH Series boosters, stainless steel centrifugals, booster packages, and electronic control systems offer product line depth and have proven reliable in a wide variety of applications.

You can download the VR Series brochure here

To learn more about Franklin Electric’s VR Series line of vertical multi-stage pumps or any of our Irrigation and Industrial pumping solutions, please contact your local Franklin Electric Territory Manager.

Franklin Headquarters Relocation Complete


Franklin Electric Co., Inc. is proud to announce the relocation to its new World Headquarters and Engineering Center of Excellence. The new facility is located at 9255 Coverdale Road, Fort Wayne, Indiana, near Fort Wayne International Airport.


The new facility will serve as its corporate headquarters and expand its research, development, design, and testing capacity. The 118,800 square foot building will house the company’s current headquarters staff of 245 employees, as well as allow for future growth. The ability to increase engineering and laboratory testing due to its state-of-the-art 24,000 square foot testing lab will facilitate long-term product innovation and growth.

In conjunction with over 20 Franklin Electric products used to move and manage water within the building, the new site utilizes geothermal heating and cooling and incorporates aesthetic exterior water features to act as functional parts of the system.

Franklin Electric SubDrive SolarPAK Updates


Untitled-2In order to meet your growing needs and support future growth with the solar product line, we have expanded our current product line and upgraded our selection software.

Some of the new features available in the SolarPAK selector include:

    • Ability to size a system based on water volume per day, or by desired flow rate.


    • View solar performance curves for each model, and see the operating point of your system.


    • Graphical charts for irradiation data and output performance estimates.


    • Two printable PDF options: a seven page detailed report or single page summary report.

        • You can insert a company name, contact name, phone number, quote number and date.

        • The detailed report provides information such as replacement parts, dimensions, and wiring information as well as charts, graphs, and curves from the software.


    • Features an easy to use interface.  All you need is a location, TDH, and water output requirement and it will do the rest!


    • If you know what panel will be used, it can size the array for you!

The Subdrive SolarPAK selector is available through the Franklin Electric solar website:

In addition to upgrading the selection software, we are also pleased to announce the introduction of four new SolarPAK models to the Franklin Electric solar offering:

    • 18 lpm 1.1 kW / 5 gpm 1.5 hp


    • 25 lpm 2.2 kW / 7 gpm 3.0 hp


    • 100 lpm 1.1 kW / 35 gpm 1.5 hp


    • 100 lpm 2.2 kW / 35 gpm 3.0 hp

These new model serve more applications at a variety of operating conditions.

The SubDrive SolarPAK catalog has also gone through an upgrade. It now includes voltage curves allowing an array to be specified without using the selection software. This is a great addition for sizing an array on the fly when a computer may not be readily available!

To learn more about Franklin Electric’s SubDrive Solar products, please contact your local Franklin Electric representative.

STS Series, New 5″ Submersible Turbines


5in-STS-Half-CutawayFranklin Electric’s new 5-Inch STS Series submersible turbines signify our latest effort to continuously improve product line extensions to meet customers’ application needs. Whether you are irrigating a field or watering livestock, we are proud to present another option to get the job done. Like all STS pumps, the 5-Inch STS is built for rugged, high demand applications.

5-Inch FPS STS Sub Turbine Pump Features:

  • Efficiencies up to 74%
  • Same proven STS bearing system as 6” STS
  • Same 1” 416SS shaft as 6” STS
  • New hybrid cable guard design makes installation even easier
  • Pump outside diameter with cable guard of 5.64” (will fit in 6” PVC casing)

These sub turbines are available in 90, 120, 150, 180, 220, and 270 gpm flow ranges with motor sizes ranging from 3 to 60 hp. Each submersible turbine is 100% factory tested and each unit is shipped with the actual test performance.

Support materials are available to view and download at

  • 5-Inch STS Pump Performance Curves and Data Catalog Pages (Mi2000, Mi2001, Mi2002, Mi2003, Mi2004 and Mi2005)
  • STS Series Sales Brochure (Mi2013)
  • STS Assembly Manual (Mi2011)

If you have any questions about the 5-Inch STS Series sub turbine pumps please contact your Franklin Electric Territory Manager, Customer Service Representative, Field Service Engineer, or Franklin Hotline.

End Gun Booster “Pumpkin” Pump Now Available


Franklin is excited to announce the expansion of the End Gun Booster pump line for center pivot systems as a “pumpkin” (pump less casing). The “pumpkin” will be an option for the repair / replacement market.

Our End Gun Booster delivers a quality pump at a low-cost, giving you a competitive advantage. Below is the order number for this new offering.

Order NumberDescription
63250245401 XS22545-PPK-C

Franklin irrigation and industrial surface pumps provide superior performance for irrigation, commercial, construction, and light industrial and will continue to explore new opportunities for this market segment.

Should you have further questions concerning the End Gun Booster pump line, please contact your local Franklin Territory Representative.

Franklin Control Systems New Products


Franklin Electric is proud to announce two new additions to our Franklin Control Systems (formerly Cerus Industrial, Inc.) product offering:

1. Intelligent Pump Soft Starter (available 06-18-2013)Untitled
Our Intelligent Pump Soft Starter has all of the advanced protective features and I/O of the original IPS starter, and more. Additional features include:

    • Modbus RTU
    • Coast to stop
    • Torque boost
    • Linear deceleration (reduces water hammer effect)

2. Standard Pump Soft Starter (available 07-01-2013)
The Standard Pump Soft Starter boasts unique features including:

    • Universal Power Supply (accepts 200 to 600 VAC directly)
    • Wet and dry auto run inputs
    • Status relay output

Advanced Features and Electronic Motor Pump Protection:

  • Energy savings through reduced inrush current
  • Adjustable current limit, initial voltage, start/stop time
  • Electronic motor protection
  • High SCIC ratings: 100 kAIC @ 208/230 V; 65 kAIC @ 460 V
  • Full-load rated contactor bypass
  • Across-the-line start ability for emergency situations

If you have any questions regarding Franklin Electric’s new product offerings, please contact your Franklin Territory Representative.