Jubilee 2018: The Industry’s Latest Innovations on Display


Jubilee 2018 LogoFranklin Electric is excited to show attendees how it strives to build a True Blue partnership with its customers to help you grow your business profitably. Check out a variety of attractions in booth 307 during the 2018 South Atlantic Jubilee in the Myrtle Beach Convention Center, July 28-30.

Innovations On Display

  • SubDrive UtilityTM Variable Frequency Drive – It converts 2-wire conventional submersible pumping systems, ranging from 1/3 hp up to 1-1/2 hp, along with 115 V and 230 V single-phase 2-wire submersible PSC, above-ground booster, and jet pumps with overload current ratings from 4.6 A to 13.1 A, intoFE Subdrive Utility Angled Left constant water pressure systems. Designed with a compact footprint, it features a sleek NEMA 3R enclosure rated for both indoor and outdoor use, and retrofits to most pumping systems utilizing a Franklin Electric motor.
  • SSI Series Submersible Pumps – They meet the demanding pumping challenges in irrigation, agricultural, industrial, and municipal applications. Available in 6-inch, 8-inch, and 10-inch models with flows up to 1300 gpm, this stamped stainless steel pump family is fully serviceable and corrosion resistant. Its I-Blade technology offers stronger internal components for improved efficiency, while tungsten inert gas (TIG) progressive welding creates stronger welds.
  • Enhanced Economy Pump Starter (EPS) – It provides a simple and dependable starting option offered exclusively through water systems distributors. It covers submersible systems between five and 60 horsepower in just three models, and is available with a NEMA 3R enclosure or a cost-effective NEMA 1 enclosure with a smaller footprint. Internally, the EPS features a circuit breaker with easy-to-replace components to eliminate the need to replace burnt fuses.
  • 6-Inch MagForceTM Permanent Magnet Motor System – It is a high-performance alternative to a standard induction motor and control, providing electrical cost savings via a motor efficiency improvement of 10-12 percent and a typical investment payback of less than one year in long- or continuous-run applications*. The system features a rugged Sand Fighter® motor and optimized drive package, and the permanent magnet technology allows the product family to cover the nine traditional pump horsepower ratings in three distinct motor models.

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*Results based on field trial data.