“It’s Nice To Have A Partner Like Franklin”: Success Stories From Our Testimonial Library


Over the past year, multiple contractors and homeowners have shared their pump and motor success stories with us. Here is what they had to say…Vincent P Monticello Web Story Photo

“To get 31 years out of a pump is awesome! Recently, our driller pulled this pump and motor. It was the original that I had installed for my house and family when it was built back in 1986. Between last summer’s drought and little rain this year, the water table dropped significantly. The pump ran dry, was sucking air, and burned up. We were so impressed that we had a Franklin pump and motor installed again this time. Our driller, Jay Payton Well Drilling, recommended installing a Pumptec protective device on the system this time, which will shut it down before it burns up in the case of a water table drop or power surge in the future. We have been very pleased. Thank you for a great product.”

-- Vincent P. Monticello Sr., Homeowner in Ithaca, New York

“Pulled this 115 V motor the other day…44 years old, that’s amazing! The pump was for a typical residential home to use, roughly 300 gallons per day I would guess. In my experience of 24 years, pumps set at a shallow depth of 100 feet or less last almost double the amount of time. Whenever I see a date code with ‘72 in it, I would say that’s not too shabby. And that’s one of the reasons we are exclusive to Franklin Electric.”

-- Evan Robert, Thomas Nigro & Son Plumbing from East Granby, ConnecticutAdam Meihls Web Story Photo

“Here is one reason we are exclusive to Franklin Electric. I recently pulled this 1973, ½ hp motor from a flowing well that was set 40 feet deep. It was mainly used in a residential application, however, for part of its life it also supplied a small farm. So, chances are it’s gotten a little more use than your typical residential motor. The motor was still operating just fine, however the wet end was bad. My dad started the company 19 years ago using Franklin motors, and we’ve been completely exclusive to Franklin for pumps and motors for the past 3. They’re the best, and they have an amazing service and support team. From my distributor, to the Franklin Territory Manager, and even the Field Service Engineer in the rare cases I have questions or challenges, they are always willing to help me out. It’s nice to have a partner like Franklin.”

-- Adam Meihls, Dan Meihls Well Drilling in Sterling, Michigan