Success Story: Franklin System Runs Like New After Sitting Dormant for 13 Years


Success Story from the Field: “I still can't believe this product that has been underground for over 3 decades and was not used for the last 13 years is operating as well as the day it was installed. In 1977, my parents purchased Franklin Electricthis small cottage approximately 75 minutes north of Montreal. The only source of water at the time was a surface well, which if we had a very hot and dry summer season, it did not supply enough water to even do the dishes. We had an artesian well dug nearly 175 feet and had a Franklin Electric submersible pump and control box installed sometime around 1984. To date, the only Franklin Electric component to be replaced was the control box due to the harsh surroundings it had to endure. In 2004 my father passed away, my wife and I were busy with hockey and soccer with our children, and my mother didn't like the drive up north by herself, so the cottage took a back seat in our lives. Fast forward 13 years. While it was still standing, squatters, rodents, and the like ransacked just about every inch of the place. We did major renovations this past summer, from the roof to the complete interior, including the water piping system. This is the interesting part. We contacted a local well company about a new submersible pump since we thought there was absolutely no chance of the pump operating after being dormant for 13 years. When I mentioned we had a Franklin system in place, the service employee said that we should try the pump first before making any new purchases since it had a good reputation. I was more than skeptical, however, we heeded his recommendation and purchased the new pressure tank, switch, and gauge, and wired everything up. To our astonishment, water came gushing out within 30 seconds of flicking on the breaker. I was more than surprised because I only finished piping approximately 3 feet from the pressure tank, had left the valve open, and ended up getting totally soaked. So hats off to those of you who work hard in making dependable products!”

--- Mike Wozniak, Homeowner in Montreal, Canada