Now Available: Fhoton™ AC/DC Power Converter


Franklin Electric is pleased to announce the addition of the AC/DC Power Converter to the Fhoton™ product family.FE Fhoton AC DC Power Converter Right Angled Left 1 This accessory accepts either AC (single-phase) or DC power sources and becomes the input supply to the Fhoton solar drive. By utilizing the AC/DC Power Converter, users of the Fhoton SolarPAK system acquire the ability to connect an AC power source as a backup power supply for continued operation during times when solar energy is either inadequate or unavailable. Providing this flexibility, the Fhoton AC/DC Power Converter can be used by anyone needing an alternative power source.

Product Features

  • Accepts either AC (single-phase) or DC power source*
    • 115 V AC for use with 3-phase, 100 V Franklin Electric submersible motor
    • 230 V AC for use with 3-phase, 200 V Franklin Electric submersible motor
  • Converter box output power becomes the input source supplying the Fhoton solar drive
  • Output short circuit protection
  • NEMA 4 indoor/outdoor rated enclosure for durability
  • UL and CE rated

*Source power from a single-phase

For more information on the new Fhoton SolarPAK or the AC/DC Power Converter, click here.