Now Available: SubDrive Utility Variable Frequency Drive


Franklin Electric is pleased to announce the launch of the SubDrive Utility Variable Frequency Drive. SubDrive Franklin Electric Subdrive UtilityUtility converts conventional Franklin Electric 2-wire submersible pumping systems, ranging from 1/3 hp up to 1-1/2 hp, into constant water pressure systems. These systems provide consistent water pressure throughout the chosen location, no matter how many fixtures are open at one time. Designed with a conveniently compact footprint, it features a sleek NEMA 3R (Type 3) enclosure rated for both indoor and outdoor use. SubDrive Utility retrofits to most 2-wire submersible pumping systems that utilize a Franklin Electric motor, making the transition seamless for current systems. 

Product Features

  • One unit is compatible with 115 and 230 Volt Franklin Electric 2-wire motors
  • Robust SubDrive pressure sensor standard for ease of installation
  • Additional input for optional analog pressure transducer for precise pressure control
  • Three LED indicators allow for easy identification of system status and troubleshooting
  • USB port allows for easy firmware updates

SubDrive Utility was designed for efficiency, both related to cost and performance. Separate of the pump and motor, the drive makes troubleshooting and maintenance of the pumping system significantly easier. In cases where the pump and/or motor requires replacement, it is fully functional with the new products, saving the hassle of added inventory and higher costs that come with other all-in-one submersible units. Standard mesh screens minimize intrusion of insects and other performance inhibiters while still allowing for optimal cooling of the drive. SubDrive Utility ships standard with a traditional SubDrive pressure sensor, but is also fully compatible with an analog pressure transducer to provide added flexibility for the contractor.

For more information on SubDrive Utility, click here.