Now Available: New Fhoton™ HR SolarPAK Option


Franklin Electric is pleased to announce the addition of helical rotor pumps to the Fhoton™ SolarPAK product family. This additional style of pump, generates substantial water pressure using a minimum number of solar Franklin Electric Fhoton Helical Rotor Solar PAK - Frontpanels, providing the Fhoton SolarPAK family a solution for applications with flexible volume requirements. Applications include supplying water to holding tanks for use in livestock watering, rural water supply supplementation, small irrigation systems, and remote cabins.

Product Features

  • Four-inch NEMA standard construction dimensions
  • Flex-shaft that allows for minimal radial wear
  • Proprietary software provides increased dry-run and low-flow protection without requiring additional external devices
  • Legendary four-inch Franklin Electric motor
  • Built-in wafer style check valve
  • Pump upthrust washer serves as additional shaft protection from excessive wear
  • Serviceability by pump and motor detaching when needed
  • Greater flexibility in performance with a wider range of input voltages (up to 300 VDC)
  • Unique Fhoton drive algorithm provides increased starting torque levels to maximize the available sun power
  • NSF-approved silicon grease provided for added motor spline protection

For more information about the Fhoton HR SolarPAK, click here.