New Video - Our Enhanced Key Dealer Program


Recently, we enhanced the Key Dealer Program to improve the overall contractor experience with Franklin Electric.Key Dealer Video Specifically, the new program:

  1. Helps Key Dealers distinguish themselves from their competition
  2. Provides Key Dealers with a simple way to market their business 
  3. Empowers Key Dealers to grow their business the way they want to

To best explain these enhancements, click here to view our new quick-hitter, 2-minute video.

In addition, the new Key Dealer Website is a more user friendly, valuable tool for Key Dealers. Information is concise and simple to understand, and by signing in contractors will have access to a wealth of information exclusive to them as a Key Dealer. New program services can also be implemented through this same site, making it truly a one-stop-shop for Key Dealers! Click here to visit the new Key Dealer Website today.