New Video — The Value of Solar Water Pumping


Solar power continues to grow exponentially as an alternative energy source, and the truth is, most places around the world have more than enough sunlight to run a solar water pumping system. With the growing popularity, solar panels are more cost effective than ever and there is an immediate value of installing these highly efficient systems. This new video shows how Franklin Electric can be your solar water pumping partner for a variety of applications, including: livestock watering, tank/cistern filling, wildlife refuge and game farms, rural water supply for villages and homesteads, irrigation systems, fountains, vineyards, renewable energy projects, effluent pumping, rain harvesting, and more. We provide a complete package of:Solar Video Picture (1)

  • Panels
  • Pumps
  • Motors
  • Controllers

When choosing Franklin Electric, you receive the industry’s leading Field Service Engineers to help make the installation process simple. Check out the new video to see how Franklin Electric and solar water pumping may be a new opportunity for you.

Watch the video.