Franklin Electric FPS Irrigation and Industrial Surface Pumps Catalog


Surface Pump Page ScreenshotFranklin Electric is proud to announce the release of the new Franklin Electric FPS Irrigation and Industrial Surface Pumps catalog.

Previously, the Franklin FPS Irrigation and Industrial Pumps catalog housed both 6" and larger submersible pumps as well as centrifugal surface pump products. Our efforts to bring an improved offering of I&I Surface Pumps and supporting literature has resulted in many new centrifugal pump models and increased technical information. As a result of these vast improvements, a completely separate and new catalog for surface products has been designed.

Improvements to Catalog

    • Increased ease-of-use through improvements in layout and organization
    • Improved technical content

New product highlights:

    • New Model FCE in ½ to 2 HP
    • Improved Performance
    • Improved Product Coverage
    • A O Smith Motors
    • New Model FAC in ½ to 5 HP
    • More Models
    • Improved Performance
    • D Series available in both Packing and Mechanical Seal

To learn more about Franklin Electric’s FPS Surface Pump catalog and our complete family of pump products, contact your local Franklin Electric territory sales representative or visit the surface pumps download page.