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Success Story: "...Why We Trust Franklin Electric's Quality"


Phil Harris recently shared a Franklin Electric motor from 1958 with us to show the value it has brought to a residental home. Here's what he had to say about it...

“Recently pulled this motor installed in 1958, and we are just now replacing it. It supplied water to a residential home, hanging 63 feet on 1-inch galvanized drop pipe. It was a heavy one to pull out, but a great example of why we trust Franklin Electric’s quality.”

--- Phil Harris, MC Wheeler & Sons, Inc., Indiana

Phil Harris Success Story

Success Story: “…It Was Easy To Choose Franklin”


Geoff Heanue recently shared his success with our Little Giant® branded Aeration Systems to show the value we’ve brought to his business. Here’s what he had to say about it…

“Our three ponds were so murky and dirty that our fish were literally coming to the top of the water and gasping for air. The need for aeration was an absolute must. We purchased five, one horsepower Little Giant branded Aeration Systems by Franklin Electric, and installed two pumps in each of our larger ponds and one in our smaller pond. The installation was easy and the pumps are working great. We saw value almost immediately. Our fish aren’t dying and the ponds look much cleaner. Being a Franklin Electric Key Dealer in the groundwater industry already, we have built a strong partnership that led to us hearing about the company’s pond management product line. From there, it was easy to choose Franklin.”

Before After Pictures

--- Geoff Heanue, Heanue Well Drilling, in Prosperity, South Carolina

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Success Story: “These Customers Got Their Money’s Worth From Franklin Electric”


Jonathan Scronce, an 18-year groundwater veteran, recently shared his story about the value Franklin Electric has brought to his family’s business for more than 70 years. Here’s what he had to say…Scronce Motors

“My family has been loyal to Franklin Electric pretty much since day one, and these motors from 1986 are just two examples of why. While they have since been replaced, I have no doubt that both motors would still be working today if the application was a little different. The first one from Connelly Springs, North Carolina, was put to work for a residential home and farm. From a single 70-foot well, this pump provided roughly 500 gallons a day for three people in the home, and then additionally provided water for 10 head of cattle and three horses. A water line broke, causing the well to run dry, or this motor would still be running today. The second motor was in a unique, hand-dug well about 60-feet deep that supplied water to a residential vacation home in Lake Hickory, North Carolina. The Franklin motor didn’t care, providing seasonal operation for decades until the wet end failed. The motor itself was still working perfectly. After 32 years of service in applications with very high iron, I believe it’s safe to say these customers got their money’s worth from Franklin Electric.”

The Scronce Legacy Lives On 70 Years Later
“I’m a third-generation groundwater professional, and I’ve been in this business nearly my entire life. My grandfather started with a water well distributor before opening his well drilling business in 1947. Grandpa started the family trend of taking pride in our work and reputation, and in the 1960s, a switch to Franklin Electric motors aligned with his vision and drive for quality installations. Our family has remained with Franklin ever since. After more than 40 years in the business, grandpa split the company amongst my dad and uncle and the second Scronce Grandpa Combined Photosgeneration took off. It was an obvious opportunity for me, so starting at the age of 16, you could find me working with my grandpa, dad and/or uncle on a drill rig. I have a passion for the industry, so while both my dad and uncle’s businesses are still going strong, I started Jonathan Scronce Well & Pump Service on my own to widen our presence. About 90 percent of my surrounding area are on private wells, so my company handles everything related to pump and well service work for our customers. I still use Franklin Electric today. It’s tried, tested, and true, and they have been there from the beginning. I know I can trust Franklin Electric!”

--- Jonathan Scronce, Jonathan Scronce Well & Pump Service, in North Carolina

Success Story: Franklin Water System Supplying Once Fire-Devastated Area


Here’s a fun photo and story that was passed along to us about how Franklin Electric products are making a positive influence…

20180620 141858

“In October 2017, wild fires reaching 2,800 degrees destroyed more than 8,500 homes in the Napa Valley area. This Franklin Control System panel with the P-Series Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) was recently installed one mile south of Soda Canyon – one of the most devastated areas. It is the first P-Series VFD that our customer, Brian Allen of North Bay Water, has installed. A groundwater industry veteran for more than 30 years, he has a built a strong comfort level with the Franklin Electric SubDrive® brand and was ready to expand into another one of our solutions.

When the fire came through, it toasted poly tanks so bad that they were left looking like burnt marshmallows. You can see steel struts that once held wooden bridges used as driveways that lead to what are now skeletons of former residential communities. It’s disheartening to think that this once beautiful land is now nothing more than barren, unused space. But, the rebuild has started and we’re excited to be a part of the reshaping in northern California. This particular 12-acre property once contained a residential home and is now being converted to a winery with a tasting room. The water system will be filling up a pond serving as a reservoir for irrigation, pumping 60 gpm at 60 psi at discharge. The water provided with this high-performance well should allow it to flourish. In fact, it’s possible that this single well’s performance may produce enough water for now and the future, eliminating the need to replace two additional wells that were damaged beyond repair from the fire. With a little help from a high-performance water system, this land can provide those around it the beauty it once did!”

--- Carlos Moreno, Western Hydro Corporation

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Yet again, the 2018 South Atlantic Jubilee provided a variety of opportunities for industry networking, fun, and the chance to see what’s new to help contractors elevate their game. Couldn’t make it in person? Here’s a look at the show from our point of view.

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Jubilee 4

Now Available: Sacrificial Anode Kits for 4-Inch Submersible Motors


Franklin Electric is excited to offer the Sacrificial Anode Kit as a cost-effective solution for applications in Franklin Electric Sacrificial Anode 4 Inch Sub Motor1geographic areas exposed to highly corrosive water conditions.

The Sacrificial Anode Kit provides added protection against corrosion of four-inch Franklin Electric submersible motors. It bolts directly to the bottom of the motor with just three screws and has a smaller diameter, making it an ideal option for both new and retrofit installations. With the metal-to-metal contact, this low-grade cast iron anode acts as a conductor for corrosion, increasing overall motor and water system life. The motor remains unchanged and contractor inventory management continues status quo. As a lower cost alternative to 316 stainless steel motor constructions, the Sacrificial Anode Kit can cost effectively be used as a precautionary measure to prevent premature motor failure in highly corrosive applications – especially those with brackish water, high chlorides, or high temperatures.

The Sacrificial Anode Kit is available in both standard thrust and high thrust configurations. As the only anode designed and manufactured by a motor manufacturer, it is specifically constructed for Franklin Electric submersible motors to maximize compatibility and water system performance.

Franklin Electric Sacrificial Anode 4 Inch Sub Motor

If you have questions concerning the Sacrificial Anode Kit, please contact your local Territory Manager, Field Service Engineer, or the Franklin Electric Technical Service Hotline at 800.348.2420.

Success Story: Nearly 6 Million Gallons Since 1978


Delmer Gray recently shared a Franklin Electric motor from 1978 with us to show the value we’ve brought to his business. Here’s what he had to say about it…

“My dad commonly says, ‘Why is it that we never have time to do it right the first time, yet we always have time to make sure it’s done right the second time.’ In my experience, doing it right means installing Franklin Electric. This recently pulled 1978 motor is a great example of why. Set 35-feet deep, it spent a large amount of its life helping to provide water in a residential application for a family of four. Based on normal water uses, I’m guessing it supplied Gray Well Service LLC Photoroughly 400 gallons of water per day, which would be nearly six million gallons of water over a lifetime. The water conditions were pretty standard for southern Michigan at about 20 to 30 grains hard with high iron levels. And, this is only one. I know of hundreds of other wells in this area that have had Franklin motors for 30 to 40 years that are still going strong. That’s why I stand behind Franklin Electric. When you set up the system properly, you can expect great quality and longevity from their products. I’ve used a lot of different products, and Franklin Electric is the best on the market. As a Key Dealer, my territory manager is always there for me and the Technical Service Hotline helps me when I have questions. The customer service provided by Franklin Electric goes unmatched.”

--- Delmer Gray, Gray Well Service, LLC, in Coldwater, Michigan

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Up To Speed: Should You Test a New Spool of Cable? Here’s the Why & How.


Up To Speed Graphic Thin Version

Up To Speed is a concise, technical blog compiled by industry veteran Mark Reeder. It provides an interesting fact, answers a thought-provoking question, or offers a cliffhanger from an actual site visit by one of our world-class Field Service Engineers.

Cable Spools

This tip is all about being proactive.

The scenario: Cable spools generally come pre-tested from the manufacturer. And in general, cable is tough—very tough. But accidents happen. For instance, let’s say a new spool of cable falls off the back of the truck, gets hit by a forklift, or some object gets dropped on the spool. Or, let’s say you have an older, used spool you’re thinking about reusing. In either case, you want to make sure the cable is undamaged before it goes downhole…not after.

So, how can you be sure the cable isn’t damaged? Simple—test it first.

“Yes, brand-new wire always comes pre-tested, but it could get damaged—typically the outside wire of the spool, the first part that goes down into the well,” Franklin Electric Field Service Engineer Dave Bumbalough said. “Sometimes this damage is difficult to detect visually and not discovered until it’s far downhole.”

Dave recently used the following technique to discover a nick in a large spool of drop cable. By testing the spool of wire in the shop before visiting the job site, he was able to detect the compromised insulation, ultimately saving time and money.

To conduct this test, you’ll need:

  • A body of water large enough to submerge the entire spool of wire. The body of water could be anything from a 55-gallon drum cut in half, to a washout pan, to a large bucket or even a horse trough.
  • A megohmmeter, or insulation tester. A megohmmeter (sometimes referred to as an insulation tester or megger), can measure ohms in the millions and can find damage in this type of circumstance.

Megger FINAL
To conduct the test, submerge the cable in water. While submerging the cable, make sure to keep both ends of the cable dry and out of the water. Since air acts as an insulator and water is partially conductive, if there is a breakdown in insulation in the wire cable, electricity will leak into the water and can be detected by a megohmmeter.

Place one probe in the water, and another probe on one of the ends of the wire. The readings should result in very large numbers. If not, the electricity is being leaked into the water, likely from a nick in the installation.

So, what’s a high ohm reading?

With the megohmmeter set to either 500 or 1000 VDC output, normal insulation resistance readings for drop cable and a motor (if attached) should read two-million ohms or more. If the reading is below two-million ohms, it is not recommended to use this wire. Reference Franklin Electric’s AIM Manual and AIM Manual App (available on both the Apple® App Store and Google Play Store*) as needed for insulation resistance readings.

Instead of spending time, money, and energy dropping hundreds of feet of cable into a well and finding there’s a breakdown in insulation, test it at the shop first. It only takes a few minutes, but could save a lot of time in the field.

Now, you’re up to speed.

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“It’s Amazing It Lasted 44 Years”: Success Stories From Our Testimonial Library


Over the past year, multiple contractors have shared their pump and motor success stories with us. Here is what they had to say…

“Ran by this Franklin Electric control box recently and just had to share. It’s from 1973, and was installed along with the original 2 hp pump and Franklin Electric motor that is still running perfectly in the well. The system supplies water to a metal fabrication shop with 6 employees that use it about 10 hours a day, 5 days a week. That’s a ton of water over the years. This is case in point why we install Franklin. The quality speaks for itself.”

-- Travis Flint, Thomas Flint & Son, Inc. in Cadillac, MichiganJason Kyer Web Story Photo

“Thank you for making quality products. This is why we still install Franklin Electric products. Out with the old, in with the new. We know once we install a Franklin product, we will not have to go back for years to come. The pump above is from 1973 and was a ½ hp, set at 40 feet with iron so bad it made us look like we rolled in mud once we got everything out of the well. It's amazing it lasted 44 years.”

-- Jason Kyer, Monticello Pump Services, Inc. in Manassas, Virginia

“I love it when I pull out an old motor like this from the 70s or 80s! Pulled this one out a couple of weeks ago from 1980. It provided water for a residential application that also utilized some landscape irrigation. The pump was set at 110 feet and was still running like a top when it was pulled. This quality and industry reputation over the years is why Franklin Electric is my #1 pick for any job.”

-- Matt Henderson, Henderson Drilling Inc. in Casper, WyomingMartin Proulx Web Story Photo 2

“Today, we pulled a pump that had a Franklin Electric motor from 1975. The pump needed replaced, but the 1975 motor was still working perfectly fine. It was installed in a 300-foot deep well that supplied water to a private, 3-bedroom residential home. This is why we have installed Franklin Electric for 44 years. We install the best, and when we choose Franklin Electric we just don’t have any problems.”

-- Martin Proulx, Plomberie Gilbert et Fils Inc, in Quebec, Canada

Now Available: SubDrive Utility with Analog Pressure Transducer


FE Subdrive Utility Angled LeftThe SubDrive Utility™ Variable Frequency Drive is now available to order with a 4-20 mA, 100 psi analog pressure transducer. This option allows for precise pressure control for those preferring the pressure transducer to that of the traditional pressure sensor.

Franklin Electric’s SubDrive Utility Variable Frequency Drive converts 2-wire conventional submersible pumping systems, ranging from 1/3 hp up to 1-1/2 hp, along with 115 V and 230 V single-phase 2-wire submersible PSC, above-ground booster, and jet pumps with overload current ratings from 4.6 A to 13.1 A, into constant water pressure systems. Designed with a compact footprint, it features a sleek NEMA 3R enclosure rated for both indoor and outdoor use, and retrofits to most pumping systems utilizing a Franklin Electric motor. Separate of the pump and motor, the drive makes troubleshooting and maintenance of the pumping system significantly easier compared to all-in-one units.

Ordering Information

 Transducer Ordering Info